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There a lots of ways to do that. Most of the time, people are interested in my blog posts (like this) or the comments I make on peoples learning journals. My weapon of choice when looking for content is the wiki's search function. Click on search at the top of the screen then fill in some stuff (as shown).

The search box (top circle is empty). If it says something like "ancestorIds:52015618" then the search is only searching some sub-set of the wiki (from wherever you started the search). I only put words in their if I'm looking for something in particular.

Next there is CONTRIBUTOR. I've put me in their (by using my UPI, which is psmi045). That only finds postings by me.

The IN SPACE box limits the search to our space on the wiki (i.e., MGMT 300 stuff).

Finally, the custom box means I'm only searching for comments.

You can see the results of the search (right now) in the image I've posted.

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