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The HDEC Secretariat may validate a new application only if all relevant questions in the on-line application form have been answered in a manner that is reasonably likely to allow the HDEC to make a final decision on the application the first time it is considered (paragraph 42.3 of the Standard Operating Procedures). HDECs have determined a need to improve the standard of responses to ethics questions in on-line forms about the impact of health and disability research on Māori.

If the Secretariat identifies that your application has been incorrectly answered or insufficiently answered in response to ethics questions about study benefits for Māori, or cultural issues that may arise for Māori who participate in your study; you will receive an email requesting further information. Guidance for researchers is available from the Secretariat's Advisors on factors to consider when completing ethics questions about the impact of your study on Māori where this is relevant to your research project. We expect researchers to work with us to improve the overall standard of answers to ethics questions in on-line forms given the importance of health and disability research as an enabler of improving health outcomes for Māori.

Your application will benefit from careful review before submission.

Have you answered the questions in p 4.1, p 4.2, p 4.3.1 and f 1.1. satisfactorily? Have you demonstrated an understanding of the relevance of the study to Māori, e.g. including statistics on the incidence and prevalence of the disease being studied for Māori, and what benefits may accrue from studying the patterns of this disease for Māori? If tissue is being collected or used in your research, have you consulted, for example, the Te Ara Tika guidelines?

We appreciate your renewed efforts to cooperate when submitting your application to HDEC on-line and for completing the forms as accurately as possible. This makes the process for reviewing applications smoother and more efficient. Your application if submitted correctly the first time will then be assigned for review promptly.

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