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Variable Name Schema

  1. CRF abbreviation: 2-3 characters (case insensitive, no numbers)
  2. Question number: 2 digits (use 0 place holder for 1-9)      
  3. Underscore _      
  4. Sub-question number (2 digits or characters, use 0 placeholder)      
  5. Underscore _      
  6. Short descriptor <=10 characters, can use camel case      
  7. Underscore _      
  8. Optional descriptor modifiers 
    1. Subject identifier (- important if mother, child, father connected by same study ID)      
      1. Mo = mother     
      2. Fo = father     
      3. Ch = child
    2. Variable type       
      1. bn = binary (0,1) 
      2. yn = yes no
      3. sp= specify (free text) 
  9. Underscore _ 
  10. Event identifier      
    1. nA = Antenatal e.g. A, 20A, 36A : antenatal, 20 weeks antenatal, 36 weeks antenatal      
    2. B = Birth      
    3. nW= where n is a digit and W is weeks      
    4. nM = where n is a digit and M is Months      
    5. nY = where n  is a number  and Y is year 

Variables should be limited to 28 characters so that a suffix or prefix can still be added. Do not include the unit of measure in the variable name (will be specified in study procedures).


CRF labelDescriptionqName
hafHome and family questionnaire
rndRandomisation, eligibility
pdPaediatric examination
efExecutive function battery
bseBayley social emotional questionnaire
bysBayley III scores
sdqStrengths and Difficulty Questionnaire
scqSocial communication questionnaire
phxPast medical history
ffqFood frequency questionnaire
ifqInfant feeding history questionnaire
catCognitive adaptive test
asqAges and stages questionnaire
cusCranial ultrasound
saeSerious adverse events form
 neoNeonatal outcomes
  • No labels