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At the end of this individual practice you will be placed in a team (for the rest of the course). As a team you will then practice with MikesBikes Advanced Multi-Player for two-rollovers. With this version of the software you will practice against several other teams of students.

Note: For Summer School, there are two rollovers each week; each rollover is equivalent to a year in MikesBikes.

After the individual practice and the team practice, you will move into the 'main event'. Once again you will use MikesBikes Advanced Multi-Player and compete against other teams from the course. In this third phase, the performance of your firm will contribute to your grade in the course (details of this in the section on Assessments).


Learning journals are something quite new to many students, and they find the reflective element of the course to be the most challenging. However, most students report that–because of the amount of practice and feedback associated with the learning journals–by the end of the course they are rather straightforward.

After writing 8 10 learning journals, and having reviewed and commented on the learning journals of 16 20 other people–and having developed some skill in that area–you you will write a summative learning journal portfolio that is based on (and that references) your other learning journals.