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Over the coming semester I hope that you will find this an engaging and (sometimes) fun course.

The course is structured to further develop your understanding of management concepts and theories through an intensive experience of your own and your peers' management in action. To that end you will use the MikesBikes business simulation and take on the role of a senior manager in a multi-disciplinary team running a business.

This wiki includes an Overview of the course, details of the Assessments, and links to the required and a list of the essential Readings.

If you have not already done so, you should familiarize yourself with the formal Course Outline.


  1. Read how the course fits together (Overview, Assessments, and the Course Outline)
  2. Print out the To Do checklist for the course. This will remind you of the tasks and milestones you need to meet.
  3. Get MikesBikes
  4. Start practising with MikesBikes Advanced Single-Player (aka SoloMike) now

Once you have done those four steps, you will be well positioned to be successful in this course. If you have questions, please checkout the Frequently Asked Questions page.