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Bruce reported for robotics:
Hi Patrick, sorry that I can't make it as we have some visitors staying with us. There is nothing to add for robotics at present, except that M2VIP conference will be in Auckland at the end of November and the following week the ACRA conference will be in Wellington, run by Will Browne and colleagues at Vic.

Chandimal Jayawardena from Unitec is interested to come along and get involved in the robotics part. I have sent him the plan and his email is included above. Please welcome him as a rep for Robotics. And also he is interested to talk with Nirmal and others about forming a student branch at Unitec.


Meeting date



Bruce reported for robotics:
February there was a workshop and people came from around the country.
We had the chapter annual meeting and chose the committee for 2011:
Chair: Professor Dale Carnegie, Victoria University of Wellington, email:
Vice-chair: Associate Professor Bruce MacDonald, University of Auckland, email:
Secretary/Treasurer: G. Sen Gupta, email:
I have reported the changes to IEEE.
I think I reported the workshop before but it isn't on the web site so could b added now; maybe because I didn't send it in and just mentioned in the meeting.
So that counts for one meeting for 2011.
I am organizing a robotics seminar on May 27 and I think this can be a good IEEE seminar as well, as long as the presenter agrees (he is from Canterbury).
I will try to arrange more. For the chapter there will be meetings across the country.
I could not access the new meeting reporting system and have asked for access but not heard anything nor checked it again.I've just attended the main IEEE RAS conference in Shanghai.