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This week’s journal will mainly focus on the problem of our team coming last after this week's rollover.

The approach our team has been taking since the start of the actual competition is something I don't agree fully with. I think this has reflected on our results. The reason why I feel this is a problem for this week is because of the fact that our shareholder value has decreased significantly. I think this is occurring because we aren’t making use of the lab times and receiving the guidance from Peter that we could possibly benefit from. Especially now.

I believe the cause of this problem is due to having different opinions within the group. Everyone in the team has been putting in the effort that is expected. But I do somewhat feel that it is a case of the blind leading the blind as we feel confident with our decisions most times but feel as if though we justifying our reasoning on what seems logical. But logic is not all we can rely on. All members in my team have been focused on ensuring that they come to meetings well prepared and our CEO has been doing a good job leading us. However, the fact that we aren’t taking advantage of lab times to get guidance from Peter is something that bothers me quite a lot. This is because I fear that my grade is on the line but am still optimistic about how our team will approach the next few weeks.

The reason being that Peter literally acts as a walking stick for the blind as he is there for a reason. I personally feel as though we would benefit and learn more about the choices we are making if we take advantage of the resources available. This is because we have the opportunity to ask him any questions at the time and get a better understanding of our choices before the rollover kicks in. We can test this by heading into the labs at the dedicated time on Wednesday’s and using this time effectively. But I am worried that not everyone agrees with this. 

In the future (or now really), I would bring it up with the team again as I have previously before and see what their thoughts are at this stage. If we still can’t come to an agreement for meeting in the labs, then to address this problem, I will head into the labs myself. This is just to make use of the help I can get from the labs and share any new information with my team. 

This week I have learnt that compromising with your team and speaking up is important to ensure that everyone is on the same page. I hope we get there in the coming weeks. We need to come up with a new strategy and use visual communication, as mentioned by Kim & Mauborgne (2002). This is where team members eliminate, create, reduce and raise whatever is necessary in order to work towards this new strategy. If we can continue to work well as a team, I feel as though we will have nothing to worry about in coming weeks. 

Overall, I'm sure our team will smash it and we'll be fine eventually. 


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