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I, however, predicted Hot Wheelies could easily reach $20 or even $30 of shareholder value, and whilst their sales skyrocketed from about $6m to $13m, they only managed to quarter their loss from $6m to $1.5m.  With that level of sales, it would have been reasonable to expect a solid profit.  In contrast, Pakihara's sales drifted down from $49,939,362 to $49,134,417; barely any change, and their profit also slid down by $180k (nothing really). However, that result did see Pakihara's SHV rise by about $10 to $42. 

So, can Vicious cycles Vicious Cycles get everyone peddling in the same direction?


Road Rascals106.16105.4616,666,919113,479,311102,048
Vicious Cycles95.0493.7218,618,78661,084,13459,423
Good Luck Bikes61.0353.9216,091,61266,476,62960,070
Life Cycles16.9716.31-3,638,03665,864,84547,624
Spikes Inc.4.333.14-11,138,8896,711,68723,552
Hot Wheelies3.393.39-1,519,46813,588,17013,717

Cruiserz maintain a very credible position is the centre of the pack. They sure do seem to be cruising along nicely. They know how to turn moderate sales into nice margin ... almost as nice as Vicious Cycle. Road Rascals must be pleased that those two firms never joined forces.