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Active Report


Josheel reports:

  1. IEEE GOLD has officially changed over to IEEE Young Professionals. Logo has been rolled-out, will be shortly coordinating update of NZN and GOLD website, and other publicity avenues.
  2. Successfully held two events since last meeting:
    • Site visit to Rakon (2nd Oct) (14 attendees)
    • IEEE Day 2013: "IEEE Volunteer Amazing Race" (20 attendees)
    • Well attended events, Amazing race had NZN SB and GOLD volunteers running around CBD finding clues, performing challenges and marketing NZN and IEEE Day directly to Facebook. Followed by IEEE Cake and informal 40 min training presentation (in Albert Park)
    • Bunch of enthusiastic volunteers, bright future for NZN.
  3. Upcoming or postponed:
    • Humanitarian Workshop postponed to February 2014. Marketing was not effective, little response (8, not sufficient to run event). Meeting soon to determine Root Cause and improve for February. To update R10 and inform them of news. Will therefore unfortunately not receive the $500USD grant for 2013.
    • NZN-Wide Leadership Workshop: 10th December 6pm, check email. Section Excom, SBs, Young Professional Volunteers all invited.
    • End of year Strategic Plan Review meeting: Week of 10th Dec.
    • End of year dinner - Week of 15th Dec.
  4. IEEE SIGHT, group approved! Will shortly coordinate first meeting, will convey strategy, determine goals, rough annual plan, committee structure and next meeting (Mid Jan, will vote in a Chair for 2014). Note--reports required every 6 months.
  5. ANZSCON 2014: Wish to Express Our Interest: Section-hosted event. Due 30th November (tomorrow). Event in July 2014, 100 delegates, about half size of 2011 R10SC. Will provide excellent development, exposure, opportunity and 'bragging rights' for NZN volunteers, just as in 2011. NZN is a "sandbox" for future leaders, can accelerate with ANZSCON. Note, we are also very likely the most cost-effective and capable option in ANZ.
    • Rough costing complete, manpower [SBs (2-3 each), YP (2), PES Student Chapter (7-8) and Section (1-2 Incl. Nirmal)]
  6. Finally, I am proud to announce the IEEE Young Professionals Chair for 2014: Ritika Sinha has accepted and we will undergo transition starting from the Strategic Plan Review meeting. Will continue to mentor 2014+. I want to personally thank the Section for everything since my joining the UoA Student Branch in 2008. I have learned much, made lifelong friends and been able to leverage many opportunities towards my career goals. 2014 will see me on the MGA Young Professionals Committee (Products and services), and moving to San Francisco (R6) for my next role at work. It has been a pleasure working with you all, I am looking forward to future engagement and more NZN successes on a global stage, showcasing our signature 'volunteer spirit'!



Josheel reports:

  • Laser tag event was successfully held in August, very keen participation by attendees
  • Site visit to Rakon is next Wednesday (2nd Oct)
  • IEEE Volunteer Amazing Race (6th Oct): A first of its kind, I am hosting a team building/training day for all Student Branch (UoA/AUT) and GOLD committee members
    • The first half of the day will involve small teams of about 4 committee members (e.g. approx. 2 teams per committee) testing their resourcefulness and problem solving skills in a race around the Auckland CBD.
    • Underlying motive: natural leadership exposure, team bonding, succession planning
    • Prizes for team performance, attendance. Everyone gets IEEE cake.
    • Second half of day is informal IEEE training held by myself, perspective about IEEE from top level (R10 Congress experience), tips and tricks for getting events organised and running a successful calendar
    • Shifted from September to October, now spun as IEEE DAY event
  • Humanitarian workshop (joint with EWB) in late October
  • Section wide Negotiation Skills Workshop ¿ mid/late November. Details soon.
  • ANZ wide GOLD Cluster event ¿ no update on hosting. Will likely be Jan/Feb next year.
  • MGA GOLD -> MGA Young Professionals. Transition period: Using ¿IEEE GOLD (Young Professionals) NZN¿
  • Considering website overhaul ¿ looking at Wordpress, rolling out full update to current website in next few days.
  • Require signatures for IEEE SIGHT NZN petition¿please get in touch



Josheel reports:

  • NZN GOLD is in the R10 Newsletter (June) for our Humanitarian Workshop from late 2012
  • The GOLD Committee successfully hosted one event since our last meeting (a second event has been postponed until next week):
    • First ever Social Networking Drinks was held on the 4th July. We got some good 1-1 feedback from the approx. 12 members
    • EWB Humanitarian Conference was held on 20th July ¿ we advertised this EWB Flagship event to our members and are awaiting feedback
  • Upcoming events/initiatives:
    • Laser Tag is organised for the 1st August
    • Site visit (2nd week September): looking at Rakon or a site visit to a power product manufacturer
    • Mentoring initiative and Humanitarian Workshop are now lower scale events ¿ no longer having an ANZ GOLD Meeting concurrently.
      • We are looking for 2-3 mentors from the Section, please advise if interested (4-month commitment to meet mentees every 4-6 weeks)
    • ANZ GOLD meet to occur early next year ¿ mentioned in separate Congress update
    • Working on a final year university student ¿GOLD¿ recruitment event (STEP)
    • Working on an initiative to help young electro-technical professionals apply for their CPEng (also leverage "Call for proposal: Projects leveraging Web & Social media Technologies for the benefit of IEEE")
  • Josheel attended the R10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress 2013 over July 11th-14th. Met outstanding volunteers and leaders from many Regions, gained considerable insight as to wider IEEE vision, got fantastic feedback that our vision and strategies are well-aligned with top level IEEE. NZN was generally held in high regard, particularly because of our hosting the previous congress, NZN GOLD was in particular well-recognised via the MGA GOLD Hall of Fame Award, and Dr. Nirmal Nair won the Outstanding Student Branch Counselor award for 2012.



Josheel reports:
IEEE NZN GOLD has hit the ground running for 2013, with 2 events successfully organised and run since taking over the committee at the start of April.

  • Our first event, the Welcome Dinner on the 15th April, attracted 17 members! The most in attendance for a few years.
  • Our second event, a Careers Planning Workshop held on the 21st May and jointly hosted by the University of Auckland IEEE Student branch, attracted 19 members (a good proportion were students). The event was a great success with a very engaged crowd.
  • We have held informal Strategic Planning sessions over the first few weeks of April, and have realigned our annual plan to this end. This included revising the way we have distributed our allocated Section funding
  • During the first few weeks of April we also actively recruited, looking to grow the team of (then) 3 committee members. We now stand with a full time committee of 5, with a part-time member, totaling 6 committee members. Chin is our Vice-Chair, Ritika has stepped up to be Treasurer and Lei has taken on the role of Secretary. Shaun Blyde and Hanieh Sanei have come on board as general committee members. We are still waiting to confirm 1 more potential part-time volunteer. Overall there has been lots of interest in joining the committee.
  • We have identified the need to expand our funding sources, to support a consistent array of innovative, collaborative, valuable events and initiatives. To this end we applied for (and were successful) the R10 GOLD Initiative Grant for one of our two larger events, and will also be applying for STEP funding for another event.
  • Focusing on delivering member value, the development of consistent, best practices as well as a targeted focus on collaborative efforts, our activities this year are aligned to meet our goals identified in our Strategic Plan.
  • Our next few events will include a mentoring initiative, a site visit and a humanitarian workshop.
  • I will be attending the R10 Congress in Hyderabad on behalf of NZN GOLD, to this end I have applied to R10 for additional funding to support the travel expenses.



Ruchi reports:
First event-Induction dinner was planned for 26th March. Sadly, only had 3 rsvps! Event has been postponed to after Easter. Waiting for budget approval to confirm roadmap of events for the year.



Ruchi reports:
Here's the Gold update for the wiki:
IEEE NZN GOLD committee met for first meeting of the year on 7th Feb to discuss budget and proposed event for the year. The discussion was very enthusiastic with some good new ideas that we could implement this year. We currently have 4 members on the committee and looking to obtain another 2 new members very soon. We have already started planning for the first event of the year which we are looking to hold by end of Feb/first week of March. Chin has kindly volunteered to be Vice-Chair for the year. Role descriptions will be allocated to each committee member this year. Proposed budget is slightly lesser than last year but has been updated to reflect actual expenses from last year as well as the activities we had proposed (which we intend on carrying out this year).



Ruchi reports:
Here's the Gold update for the wiki:
IEEE GOLD group has collaborated with EWBNZ to organise a humanitarian event on Sat 24th Nov. The event is a workshop format which has a design challenge focused on working out energy requirements for a rural village in Cambodia. Nirmal has kindly agreed to be our Judge for this event. There will be prizes for the winning group. Posters have been sent out and about 10 people has RSVP'd so far. We have put a lot of effort into the planning of this event and hoping for it to go smoothly, even though it is small scale this year.
On a separate note, Happy has resigned from the committee. This has been quite a sudden decision. I am currently in the process of trying to find a suitable Vice-chair and treasurer for the roles next year. We still have Chin, Josheel and Ritika on the committee who are committed. We will be looking to recruit a couple more committee members early next year.As for the activities forecasted for next year, we are planning to keep them the same as we has originally planned for this year. Since we did not conduct many activities this year, the same plan is applicable as there were a few new ideas in the plan.



Ruchi reports:
We haven't ben very active over the last few months but we have been constantly focusing on rebuilding our committee. Tom moved to Christchurch mid-June and he has been greatly missed as a part of the GOLD committee. I have been away for couple of months during my wedding time. Meanwhile, we have brought Chin on board helping plan our humanitarian event and recruit members. We also have another 2 volunteers who are very keen to get on board, one of them has been interviewed. We have a rock climbing event taking place at the Panmure rock climbing centre on 25th Sept. We are expecting 20 people including committee to participate in this event. We are also currently collaborating with EWBNZ to organise the humanitarian event which will most likely be held around mid-November (avoid clash with Uni exams).



Ruchi reports:
The NZ North GOLD affinity group held its first event on the 16th of April. It was a welcome dinner for members and non-members at Thai Chilli. 11 people attended the event. We welcomed the members to the 2012 year and announced what activities we will be conducting this year. We also announced conducting a humanitarian event this year for the first time. Our next event will be a social sporting event held in the first week of June. We have started planning for the humanitarian event which is envisioned to take place in mid-July. We are also in the process of collaborating with EWBNZ and IPENZ Engenerate with regards to conducting joint event. The GOLD committee is under-going a transition and we are looking to recruit 3 more full-time committee members.



Noel reports: The following is our GOLD report since our last meeting.

  • GOLD successfully hosted 'IEEE Day 2011' for the first time in New Zealand last month.
  • Our final event for the year is the end of year dinner scheduled for 23rd of November.
  • The committee has selected three new volunteers for 2012. Ruchi Vyas will chair the affinity group next year with Tom Hughes as Vice-Chair. 
  • GOLD will be conducting an annual membership feedback survey in the next few weeks. This will help us better understand our members and incorporate new ideas into our next years events.
  • GOLD will also organise an AGM for the first time this year.
  • The committee is working on a new initiative - a NZ wide GOLD newsletter aimed at integrating all the GOLD members and affinity groups in NZ. The newsletter will be published in December and sent out to all GOLD members in NZ.

Gold annual program proposal 2012



Noel reports:  Sorry for the delay, the following is our GOLD report in the last two months.

  • The GOLD committee successfully hosted four events since our last section meeting:
    * A visit to Schneider Electric's Auckland office on 30th May
    * Te uku windfarm site visit on 25th June
    * Gold session on 'Career and Professional Development' at the IEEE R10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress 2011
    * STEP event called 'Engineering your career with GOLD' at the IEEE R10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress 2011.
  • The Te Uku wind farm visit was our most successful event ever with 41 attendees attending. It was jointly held with IPENZ Engenerate Auckland & Waikato.
  • The Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress was very successful for GOLD with some very good feedback from attendees on the GOLD track sessions.
  • Our NZ North GOLD Affinity Group ended up runners up (4th place) for the GOLD Hall of Fame Award. The award recognises the top three best performing GOLD AG's in the world. This recognition ranks us 4th out of 100+ IEEE GOLD Affinity Groups in the world. It's been published in the latest GOLDRush newsletter.
  • Gladwin Mendez left our Gold Committee in May and we took on Happy Xia in place of him. |


The following is our GOLD report since our last Section meeting:

  • GOLD website & Facebook page are now complete, web address is
  • The committee successfully held its first event for the year- induction dinner with a distinguished guest in April.
  • Event was well received and attended by 10 members including 2 young professional non members
  • Second event is a site visit to Schneider Electric's Auckland office on 30th May.
  • Event will be jointly hosted by IPENZ - Engenerate Auckland branch.
  • New online registration page has been set up for the site visit
  • We have also just received confirmation from Meridian Energy for a site visit to the Te Uku windfarm in the Waikato region on 10th Sept 2011.
  • I (Noel Gomes) am one out of five volunteers selected to represent GOLD volunteers from Region 10 at the IEEE GOLD Summit & Sections Congress 2011 in San Francisco this August. Very thrilled at this opportunity to represent the region.
  • Still waiting to hear back on the GOLD Hall of Fame Awards. Original decision date was mid April but has been delayed to sometime this month.
  • GOLD has been assisting with track events and sponsorships for the 2011 R10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress.I have attached the latest 2011 Activity Report reflecting our latest planned and actual GOLD activities. 
    Regarding the funding request for Gold Summit & Sections Congress 2011, Noel further reported:

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for forwarding the form to me. I have received clarification from Tim Wong regarding funding from Region 10 for GOLD Volunteers and attached the Region 10 funding announcement for this years Section Congress.
    Tim has confirmed that since i am a Region 10 funded delegate, all my congress related expenses would be funded by  the Region 10* budget, so please disregard my previous email which stated that region 10 would provide funding of upto 2000USD for the Sections Congress.

    I have prepared my budget estimate for attending the Sections Congress, based on information on the SC2011 website ( and sent it to Tim Wong for the Region 10 approval. A copy of the same has been attached with this email.

    *Tim has also informed me that Region 10 would not cover some items like travel insurance. Travel Insurance for the conference would cost around NZD100. I am awaiting information from Tim on other expenses that would not be covered by Region 10. I do not expect these to be major, but i would like to approach our local section for approx 250NZD for funding these congress related expenses that would not normally be covered by the Region 10 budget. I have filled in the funding request application and attached it with this email.

    I haven't really approached my employer for sponsorship because the amount is very small and given that my employer declined my request to support us for the Region 10 Student/GOLD/WIE Congress, i don't see a real benefit to my company for them to fund a part of my congress expenses.

    Thanks for your support.



The following is our GOLD report for the past month:

  • GOLD committee successfully held a GOLD Strategy and Planning session for the year with Loreen Ozolins.
  • GOLD website development is nearing completion. Our unofficial site will be redirected to the finalised domain name
  • Facebook page has been set up.
  • Our first event for the year is an induction dinner with a distinguished guest from industry. It will be held on 4th April at a local restaurant in Kingsland. We will  be hiring a projector for this event.
  • GOLD progressing with track events and sponsorships for the R10 Congress.



  • We haven't had any events from the last meeting as it appears everyone seems to be quite busy for end of year wrap up already!
  • Hopefully we can carry forward some of the allocated budget for next year. On another note, I will be attending the second "GOLD clustering" teleconference in December with Australia/NZ GOLD chairs + Australian Council.
  • I have enjoyed my first year volunteering. It has been a relatively positive year and hopefully the future looks more promising for IEEE GOLD.


  • Timothy Wong from Australia has kicked off the GOLD clustering programme
  • Envisaged to have a online conference every couple of months at this stage with Gold group chairs within Australia/New Zealand
  • Pradeep has participated in the first online clustering conference on Sunday 27th September. It went on for quite some time - from 9pm to midnight! Valuable information exchange and introductions with participants from around the globe including Adrian Paias from Netherlands and the Australian Council
  • Our next event is "dinner with distinguished guest" with Career development and Leadership being the theme. The event is to take place on 13th Oct and we have 8 GOLD members confirmed for it so far.
  • There was a small article published about our GOLD induction dinner in the previous GOLDRush newsletter, thanks to George Gordon for making that happen


1) GOLD website has been updated with current events this year
2) GOLD committee has been introduced to all the existing members via e-mail and website
3) Movie event (Harry Potter) has successfully been executed on the 29th July 09
4) Planning on dinner/seminar with a distinguished guest regardingleadership and career growth as our next event
5) We have one new committee member, which brings the total to 4 members in the committee.


  • We had our first GOLD Induction dinner event. 17 people expressed interest,
    9 showed up to the dinner - 5members, 4 potential members. Out of the 4, 2
    joined already and the other 2 are strongly considering it.
  • An article about GOLD in NZ North communicated for publication in the upcoming GOLDRUSH