Step 1: Request for UPI

The study coordinator requests the following forms from the Research Operations Coordinator (Liggins):

  1. Visitor Notification Form (signed by PI/Supervisor/Manager)
  2. Access for Non-Appointment Academic Visitors and Student Visitors Form (signed by visitor and PI/Supervisor/Manager)
  3. Contractor Access Request Form (signed by visitor and PI/Supervisor/Manager)

The external user provides the following documents:

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Current curriculum vitae

The completed forms and supporting documents are sent to the Research Operations Coordinator (Liggins) for processing.

Step 2: Electronic forms

Once the external user obtains the UPI, the study coordinator should:

  1. Fill out “Contractor/Visitor IT Access Form (ITS-25)” electronically. The form is available in the Division: IT Services of university forms space ( Staff Service Centre should be contacted for any assistance.
  2. “Contractor” should be selected in “Access Required” field in the form.  

Step 3: Installation of VPN

Download latest version of java runtime from

  1. Select Accept License Agreement
  2. Windows user - Product/File Description: Windows x64; Download: file extension .exe
  3. Mac OS user - Product/File Description: Mac OS X x64; Download: file extension .dmg
  4. Install java runtime

VPN Client Installation

  1. Search “Auckland University VPN” or use the link:
  2. Windows user - download and install: Cisco 64 bit VPN Client for windows – contractors
  3. Mac user – VPN Client for Mac

Step 4: Connecting to University Network

VPN client

  1. Run installed VPN client program.
  2. Click on connect and use your UPI and password to connect.
  3. When connected a lock icon should be found in the task bar.

Step 5: Accessing network folder

  1. You must logoff if you did not log off after the folder permission was given.
  2. In the start menu type the link given to access the network folder. The link should be the path to the permitted folder. Trying to access any parent folders in the link might result in an error (e.g. if the link is: \\\LifepathClinical\GEMS\GEMS_data_entry/, where the permission is given in “GEMS data entry”, trying to access \\\LifepathClinical\GEMS\ or earlier folders might show denial of access or other errors). 
  3. UPI and password will be asked; with the valid UPI (uoa/….) and password a new window will open with the permitted network folder.




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