Select a project

Click the "My Projects" tab. All projects that you have access to will appear in the list. Click the appropriate project. 

Creating a record

Subjects / participants have a single record, identified by the first variable on the first form (record or study ID). A record may be associated with multiple events (data collection time points), and each event can contain multiple forms (instruments). For longitudinal studies, a single form (instrument) may be used across multiple events. Ad hoc forms (instruments) can also be used multiple times within the same event and are linked to the participant record. 

For patient screening, click "Add/Edit Records" from the left-hand "Data Collection" menu, then click "add new record". A screening ID will be created automatically. If data access groups (DAG) are being used, and you have access to more than one DAG, ensure to select the correct DAG with the DAG switcher. 

In the trial database, click "import" on the Project Home tab. This will import all patients who have been randomised and automatically create new records with study ID (randomisation number). 

Entering data

Data forms (instruments) can be access in two ways:

1) Click the "Record Status Dashboard" from the left-hand "Data Collection" menu. Click either the study ID or the data form icon to go to the data entry form.

2) Click "Add/Edit Records" from the left-hand "Data Collection" menu. Select the correct record from the "Choose an existing Study ID" drop-down menu.


Remember to save the page after entering data by clicking one of the buttons below. "Save & Stay" saves data and allows you stay on the current page. 

Consult your study data management SOPs for use of the form status and locking functions for your trial.

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