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Kia ora, welcome to the Knowledge Computation Group wiki

Enjoy your stay, this is an attempt to answer the very most common questions people ask (about the group)...


~mgah001 is the herder in charge often leading discussions on the process of processing processes, and the theory of strings.

~bada041 is a brand new post doctoral fellow. He is currently interested in housing and public transportation in and around Auckland.

Brandon Whitehead is a PhD student clawing for the finish line. He actively avoids mirrors.

Richard is also a PhD student interested in ridiculously long tramps and "lawing" semantically.

Cam is another PhD student investigating the upper boundary of the poster competition space, as it pertains to a narrative of patterns that describe patterns of patterns.

Prashant is YAPS (Yet Another PhD Student) interested in structuring the provenance of knowledge in such a way that every single person wilfully changes their mind about how they know what they know about what they knew they knew.

~smas036 is an honours student in Computer Science interested in creating surprisingly small shell scripts to replace people. He works for the Centre for eResearch when he isn't sneaking out of lecture theatres.


Computers are really efficient at viewing, sorting, and passing data around, but how can knowledge be exchanged?
In general, we as a group are interested in semantics; i.e., meaning instead of data or information.


Philosophically we are firmly open-source, as long as we can get it to run on our Macs.


~njon001 was an early participant, but his chair and whip were better suited for bigger cats.

~tban019 is a programmer and former lecturer at the School of Environment. He has made a small fortune abroad teaching quantum scooter safety.

~wsma006 is a former post doctoral fellow who successfully developed an entire visualisation framework using a single line of code.

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