What is Summer of eResearch about?

Student software developers work closely with leading research communities on information technology (tools, applications, and services) supporting their research programmes. Emphasis is on communities that have common/shared needs, that can be addressed practically by small software development projects.

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Tools and Software for NZ Research Communities

Targeted support to specific research communities, pairing them with teams of talented student software engineers and mentors on contemporary approaches to building research computing infrastructure.

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Scholarships for Students

A unique opportunity to work with leading research groups across NZ, be mentored and guided on the application of advanced ICT to support research. Opportunity for computer science or software engineering students to establish relations with a research group in a discipline outside their own.

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The Summer of eResearch is a Ministry of Science and Innovation funded scholarship programme. The programme is delivered by the University of Auckland, with national participation. Software engineering and computer science students work with research communities to provide supporting tools, services, and infrastructure.

The aims of the programme are:

  • to establish working relations between academics and students in computing fields with researchers from other disciplines
  • to grow capabilities in eResearch, including growth in awareness of contemporary methods and approaches to support collaborative and computing intensive research problems

More background information can be found on the left of this page, or by following these links:


Summer of eResearch started in 2010, with the programme running over the 2010 - 2011 summer.

Here are some links for work from previous years'.

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