Student projects can include:

  • CSI Academy - internship scheme
  • One semester (march-june, july-october or summer - nov-feb) under-graduate or post-graduate project for credit, with an academic supervisor
  • Double semester (march-october) project - under-graduate or post-graduate possible
  • Summer paid work ("work experience") - usually for BE or BTech students
  • Masters - possible funded by Technology New Zealand "TIF" (Technology in Industry Fellowship), TEC Enterprise Scholarship or SPPI FRST project - one year
  • PhD - if long-term investigative work - possibly funded by TIF or TEC Enterprise scholarship or SPPI project

Some good examples of student projects done with various ICT companies are  summarised at the CSI Academy site.

For more information or expression of interest please contact John Hosking @ CSI (mailto: John Hosking )

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