The children pages of this page describes the recommended tools and procedures for project management. There are three major technologies being utilised; Confluence Wiki, JIRA, and Subversion (SVN). Wiki is a collaborative web page creation/editing tool for knowledge management. JIRA is a bug tracking and issue tracking system for project management. SVN is a version control system used for data tracking/backup/storage. By using these technologies together, we aim to create a transparent, well integrated, and collaborative environment for all of the teams involved in various software projects.


Guide to SPPI Wiki

SPPI Wiki guide describes how the Wiki pages should be used.

The following techniques are described in detail:

  • Controlling page visibility
  • Adding a news item
  • Utilising templates
  • Using labels
  • Structuring page hierarchies
  • Using excerpts
  • Including another page within a page
  • Using JIRA portlets

Using JIRA

This page describes how JIRA system can be used to do the following:

  • Raising a new issue or reporting a bug
  • Team communication via adding comments (meeting details and contributions and linking issues using wiki markup)
  • Work logging
  • Adding components
  • Adding sub-project under milestone for objective

Using SVN

This page describes the following techniques:

  • Creating a copy of SVN locally
  • Structuring code repositories
  • Branching, tagging, and merging
  • Best practices


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Overview snapshot of how the current Wiki pages are structured.

Guide for Administrators

Internal guide for best practices on various systems administration.

PM Meetings