We will establish a project advisory group by December 2007 and by December 2009 that group will have met at least three times per year to (1) review progress of project; (2) advise on areas of research focus in coming year; (3) provide assessment to industry and research community on SPPI project progress. For New Zealand to realise significant benefits in software product and product improvement as many local companies as possible need to be aware of advances, best-practice, available expertise for deployment in NZ ICT companies, and feedback of current NZ ICT process and product improvement challenges. The achievement of this objective will be assisted through the Centre for Software Innovation.

Ultimately we hope this will facilitate the formation of a long-term industry and academic SPPI community to advance both software process and product improvement practice in New Zealand software companies, industry-focused SPPI training, and academic research and teaching to underpin these endevours.


Established a Software Process and Product Improvement (SPPI) advisory board for the research project drawn from research leaders and key end users. This will include principal investigator, objective leaders, Director, Centre for Software Innovation, selected international leaders and selected partner ICT company senior management and technical staff.



Objective leader: John Grundy, UoA
Other academics:

  • John Hosking, UoA
  • Nick Jones, UoA
  • Richard Li, UoA



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  • Commences: 01/10/2007
  • Finishes: 31/12/2009