The aim of this objective is develop novel model driven engineering based software development techniques that improve the efficiency and quality of software production. These include the following specific activities:

  • Develop enabling technologies for supporting model driven engineering approaches to software development;
  • Develop improved techniques and tool support for using executable specifications and model-based testing to better capture, manage and test software against its requirements;
  • Better integrate social networking tools and techniques into the software development process to improve the efficiency of collaborative and community development of software;
  • Better support "early phase" decision making by providing tools and techniques to assess non functional requirement adherence at early stages in the software development process.


A set of model driven software process improvement tools and tool extensions deployed by a minimum of 3 New Zealand ICT companies.



Objective leader: John Hosking, UoA
Other academics:

  • John Grundy, UoA
  • Mark Utting, Waikato
  • Rick Mugridge, Rimu Research
  • Research assistant, UoA


  • 1 PhD, 2 project students - UoA
  • 1 PhD, Waikato


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