The aim of this objective is to develop techniques and tools to improve software process and project management. The focus will be on new ways to model software process and project management impact factors, incorporate these into industry-used management tools, and verify they measurably enhance the practice of software development.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing at least three models using new approaches of large-scale Bayesian Network (BN), stochastic and fuzzy models
  • Adding these models to prototype tools
  • Validating these tools with partner NZ ICT companies using data related to the management of their software processes and projects
  • Incorporating software visualisation methods and tools to improve project management efficiency, time-to-market, and product quality.


Bayesian and stochastic techniques incorporated in process and project management tools for deployment in ICT companies, which provide project management estimates (e.g. effort, duration, product quality) that are, on average, better than those currently used by our target ICT companies. A combination of qualitative partner ICT company survey and quantitative product quality, cost estimation and project management measures will be used to demonstrate this improvement.


Industry survey of current process and project management approaches
Project management sub-models effort estimation and schedule planning/re-planning
Project management sub-models risk management and project portfolio management
Project management sub-models product and resource quality
Project Management visualisation prototype and commercialisation plan


Objective leader: Emilia Mendes, UoA
Other academics:

  • Steve MacDonell, AUT
  • John Grundy, UoA


  • 1 PhD, UoA
  • 1 PhD, AUT


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  • Commences: 01/10/2007
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