Welcome to the home page of the New Zealand Foundation for Research Science and Technology (FRST) supported Software Process and Product Improvement project! Information about each of the key theme applied research areas is available under "Themes" links below. If you are a New Zealand-based ICT company potentially interested in working with us on the project, please see the "Contacts" link below. If you are an international company or researcher please feel free to contact us about potential collaboration - please see the "Contacts" link below.


The objective of this research is to develop and apply a range of software productivity techniques and tools to enhance the performance of the New Zealand software industry. The key focus is software process and product improvement using advanced, model-based software visualisation methods and tools. We aim to develop leading-edge software process and product improvement techniques and tools for use by the NZ ICT industry to enhance the quality of their products and efficiency of their development processes.

We will undertake new research, extend international research, and apply that research locally in three key theme areas/objectives of:

  1. process and project management improvement;
  2. model-driven engineering and executable specifications; and
  3. software imaging and visualisation.

We will thus help NZ ICT companies significantly enhance their process and project management efficiency, and time-to-market, maintainability, and quality of their software products, reducing costs and increasing international competitiveness. Our aim is to ultimately realise large, measurable - 25-50% - process and product improvements for the NZ ICT companies we work with. A combination of qualatative survey of partner companies and quantative analysis of process and product indicators will be used to assess this impact.


Student projects

We have a variety of options for student projects with companies. With six Universities being part of the SPPI project we also have a large base of students and variety of locations. More details

Process & Project Management Assessment

We can carry out a short - or more detailed - assessment project looking at company current practices in terms of software processes, methodologies, project management, knowledge management, communication, co-ordination, etc  and identifying a set of prioritised recommendations for enhancement. More details

Technology Road Mapping

We can carry out short TRM workshop to help companies identify market drivers, key product features, key technology building blocks and a technology road map to guide future release plans, resourcing and strategic and tactical directions. 

Testing and MDE Advice

We can provide advice and coaching on the use of agile methods, executable specifications, model-based testing and model-driven engineering methods, techniques and tools. More details 

Code and PM Analysis

We can provide advice and analysis of code bases and project management information with a view to helping companies better understand and manage their code, development processes, project management effectiveness, cost and resource estimation, and other SPPI factors. More details

R&D Consulting 

We can carry out a variety of Research and Development and consulting projects using expertise of team members. We have workd with many New Zealand ICT companies on such projects in the past. More details

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