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Please find below our latest honourable mentions in the media.

Links to Healthbots in the Media

New Zealand Robot Successfully Carries Out Health Care Tasks - 01 October 2010

Charlie the robot could be a valuable export - 15 September 2010

Press Release -13 September 2010

Robot liked but can it earn its keep? - 13 September 2010

Healthbots on TV7 "Ever Wondered" Show - 4 September 2010

Bridging The Gap - 19 August 2010

Broadband Development in Korea - 12 August 2010

Healthbots on 411 - Maori TV 06.08.2010

Meet NZ's HealthBot and robo-copter- PC World Magazine, 04.05.2010

A caregiver called Charlie the robot- The Nelson Mail 30.01.2010

Robots and Respite- magazine, Jan/Feb edtion 2010

'Robots just like having a doctor in the house'- The Dominion Post, 19.08.2008

'Robot to work in rest home'- The Dominion Post, 23.11.2009

'Charlie the robot joins rest home staff'- Cnet news, 23.11.2009

'Robot a new age helping hand for elderly'- NZ Herald, 24.11.2009

'Charlie- the latest joke on the comedy circle'- TV3,

Dr. Bruce MacDonald talks with TBS eFM's in Korea about Healthbots, 10.12.2009 

Interesting Research

New research on how robots can assist in healthcare is published regularly. If you are interested in how robots can assist in healthcare then check out these articles being produced by The University of Auckland alongside other universities around the world.

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