We are using four different robots in the studies. Here are some pictures of the robots.

iRobi Q robot


iRobi Q is a small table top robot with functions such as blood pressure monitor, entertainment in the form of quotes,music videos and funny pictures. This robot helps with medication management as it reminds residents to take the right medication and dosage at appropriate times.

Cafero Robot / Charlie

Cafero robot has applications such as vital signs, brain fitness, entertainment, social communication and Selwyn specific activities. Blood pressure and heart rate are monitored using the vital signs function. The brain fitness game that helps enhance memory and decrease cognitive decline. There are additional music videos of various genres, quotes, historical pictures and funny pictures in the entertainment module. Users can make free phone calls using Skype function. Users can also check the various activities and their timings in the Selwyn Village area and check the Selwyn village website.

Guide robot


The Guide robot has a user friendly and a relatively large screen. It has added features such as a bigger collection of music videos, memory games, Skype function, access to Selwyn website. The vital signs measures contain blood pressure, blood glucose and blood oxygen monitors.

Paro Robot

Paro is an interactive robot with multiple sensors and can sense touch, light, temperature and posture. It can move its head and feet, blink and make sounds resembling that of a baby harp seal. 

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