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Marama meta-tools

Marama has been end-of-lifed approximately end of 2012. The code base downloadable here is no longer maintained.


Marama is a set of tools for building diagramming applications in Eclipse. Marama provides a set of meta-tools to specify complex diagram-based meta-models, shapes and connectors and views. It also supports complex behaviour specification via OCL constraints, visual event handlers and a comprehensive API. Marama aims for very rapid prototyping of multi-view, multi-user diagramming apps with live update and end-user accessible meta-tools. Conceived before Eclipse GMF we hope to eventually support import/export of GMF tool specs, as we did for Pounamu specs.

Marama was originally developed under the auspices of the Domain Specific Software Tools project (DS Tools). The aim of this project was to develop a novel enabling technology that allows software development organisations to much more effectively and efficiently develop Domain-Specific Software Tools. We demonstrated the feasibility of this technology through the development of selected proof-of-concept domain-specific tools in conjunction with industry partners.

Read more on Domain-specific Software Tools - Summary page, including some example publications.

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Marama for Students

Instructions on installing Marama on lab machines for 450/732 students

Guide to Marama Wiki

Guideline on how to use this Wiki

Reporting Marama bugs

guide to reporting bugs using Jira

Unit Testing

how to add tests

Using Jira

how to report issues like bugs, improvement and documentation ideas

Using SVN

description of structure, usage

Using EMF Ecore generation

description of the EMF/Ecore generation within Eclipse

Marama release process

step-by-step release steps for Marama meta-tools etc


instructions for building, deploying to download site

Marama Update Site

instructions for building, deploying to update site


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