Creative IT - Equipment Loan-Out

Creative IT Office is situated on Level 5 has a range of equipment available to students and staff to borrow on short-term loan.


Here is a brief overview of the process for borrowing equipment:

  • Visit Creative IT on Level 5, Architecture and Planning Building (421), room 526, or
  • Print and Complete the Equipment Booking registration form,  then send the  completed electronic copy to
  • Once you have received registered email notification, follow the steps below in "How to use the On-line Booking System".
  • When your equipment is due to be picked up, visit the Creative IT office to collect it – make sure you have your student or staff ID card with you
  • When the equipment is due back, visit the Creative IT office and hand the equipment back to a staff member (please don’t leave it on the counter)

How to use the On-line Booking System

  1. Ensure you have completed the (annual) registration process.
  2. Visit this web site from anywhere on campus 
  3. Enter your  UoA user name e.g. - abcd123
  4. Enter your Password 
  5. Once logged-in, please read the Terms and Conditions then click Agree to proceed.
  6. Now you have successfully logged-in , you will be able to book items your school has made available for you to borrow* 
  7. Once bookings are made, click on Save Reservation to register bookings

*Note that the availability of equipment and length of booking, can dependent upon your school and level of study


If you need help or have any questions, please come and see us at Creative IT office during working hours and our staff will be happy to assist you. 

Important notes 

  • We prefer equipment is picked-up and returned during the following hours*, as staff would always be available during these times:  Monday to Friday from 10am - 11am & 2pm - 3pm 
    *We understand these hours may not always suit, so Loan outs and Returns are possible outside these hours; including equipment that is only required for same-day use. Please contact Creative IT staff to make alternative arrangements
  • If there is no one available at Creative IT office for pick up or drop-off, please use the phone situated at the Creative IT office counter to call extension 85543.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Student/Staff ID Cards must be shown at time of booking 
  2. All equipment bookings are to be made through the on-line booking system (whilst on-campus) and can be made up to two weeks in advance.
  3. If equipment is used by a larger group for example, the borrower is still responsible for the safety of the equipment and its return. The faculty does retain the right to recall equipment under certain circumstances.
  4. Creative IT staff may contact the borrower under this agreement, to ascertain the location, state, usage, and need of any equipment.
  5. If the equipment becomes faulty, lost, stolen or damaged in any way, then the Creative IT office staff must be informed promptly.
  6. I agree to return items by the due date.
  7. I agree to pick up equipment as per the booking made. If pick up is not possible, I will cancel the booking on-line or contact Creative IT staff; this will immediately make the equipment available for others to borrow.
  8. I agree not to leave equipment unattended at any time or any place. This includes leaving returned items at the Creative IT office if it is unattended - equipment must be handed to a staff member.
  9. I agree to take appropriate measures to protect the equipment from damage.
  10. I agree that a demerit system is in force. If I do not return equipment on time, this incurs 1 demerit point. If 3 demerit points are reached, a suspension from booking equipment for duration of 4 weeks, will be enforced.

If any of the Terms and Conditions is unclear, please discuss them with the Creative IT staff.

We aim to provide a fair system for all staff and students to loan equipment; whilst ensuring the safety of University property.


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