Welcome to Creative IT Wiki. This is where you will be able to find most of information regarding any type of issues you are having. If the information is not presented here then you can email us or call us and we will help assist you in any queries you may have. 

We have implemented this wiki for better use of information to be given out to the students and staff of Creative Arts and Industries. Hope you will be able to find the appropriate information you are looking for. 

We do look after any Lost and Found USBs, Hard Drives, Student ID etc. If you do see something lying around that doesn't belong to you. Do bring it to Creative IT staff and we can give it to the appropriate person. 

If you cannot find what you are looking for do let us know and we will try include the information on the wiki. 

For Large Format Printing best is to go to their link CAI Large Format Print Centre and the appropriate person can help you out with any issues or questions you may have. 

We are very friendly and professional staff. So do come and visit us. 

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