Do you have a project or short animation you would like to showcase?
The School is providing an opportunity for students and faculty to feature their work on the new digital displays installed in the Architecture Building level three entrance foyer.

Put together a slideshow, film or animation to promote your project, submit it to the Media Centre and your work could be featured on one of four new display screens along the entrance foyer.

All student projects will require pre-approval by Architecture and Planning Associate Professor Uwe Rieger.

How to Submit

-         Format your video or still images according to the formats outlined below

-         Attach a brief description of your project

-         Attach your contact information

-         Specify preferred dates and timeframe for display

-         Provide sample images or files [or arrange an appointment if your files are too large] and send to the Media Centre

Contact: Sajeev Ruthramoorthy,
             Digital Design Technician, School of Architecture and Planning


Phone: 373 7599 ext.82457

-         You will be notified with more details once your submission is reviewed

-         Maximum duration for display is two weeks

-         Allow one week for submissions to be reviewed

-         Digital submissions only, files no larger than 6Gb

Submission Format


- CompactFlash [SDCFB 6MB, SDCFB 512MB, SDCFH 512MB, SDCFH 2GB]

- Microdrive

Accepted Still Image File Format:

- JPEG [.jpg or . jpe or .jpeg]

- Graphics Interchange Format [.gif]

- Portable Network Graphics [.png]

- Windows Bitmap [.bmp]

Accepted Video Formats:

- MPEG2 PS format [.mpg or .m2v or .mpeg]

- Accompanying audio to be formatted as MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 [MP2] or MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 [MP3 ]

- Video limited to 15Mbps

Recommended Resolutions [Image/Video pixel dimensions]:

- 1360 x 768

- 1280 x 768

- 1024 x 768

- No larger than 2592 x 1944 [ensures images load promptly]

- No smaller than 640 x 480 [ensures image clarity]

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