Editors: Media Centre, Rowan Fraser, Sajeev Ruthramoorthy
Produced: Media Centre
Collaboration: Press Press
Graphic design: Julian Legg

Introduction:        The Media Centre wiki is an online project funded by the University of Auckland as an extension of its Media Centre in the School of Architecture and Planning.  The wiki aims at developing objective, non-biased resources for those engaged digitally in architecture, urbanism and design.  Ideally, the MCWiki would like to be a subject oriented encyclopaedia which provides:
·         Articles on specific design software
·         Centralised, themed links to video and text tutorials for design software
·         Articles on digital fabrication technologies and machines
·         Articles on digital printing, layout and colour management
·         Articles on practical computing, file storage and troubleshooting support for designers

Collaboration: Articles are written collaboratively, in much the same way as they are on other wikis including Wikipedia.  In the same vein, all content on the MCWiki is readable by anyone with an Internet connection.  At present, in order to contribute to the content of the MCWiki users need to be students or staff at the University of Auckland.  If you would like to begin contributing to this wiki, either from inside or outside of the University of Auckland, then please contact the Media Centre.  You can contribute anonymously or with your legal identity.  Images, text and video contributions are all welcome.

Thanks: Media Centre and 3H Studio are grateful to:
+Avier, Sarah Bilkey, Daniel Bosher, Mike Davis, Clare Gallagher, Pat Loo, Dermott McMeel, Sarosh Muller, Andy Ong, Nick Sayes, Rayneal Singh, Norman Tam, Min Tian, Josh Stewart, Sarah Treadwell, Rowan Turkington, Yun Wei Xu, Jimmy Zhuang.

Disclaimer: Media Centre is a research and teaching office at the School of Architecture and Planning, University of Auckland.  The objective opinions and evaluations contained within the articles of MCWiki do not reflect those of the University of Auckland.  Contributions to the articles remain the property of their creators.  All content is freely distributable and reproducible.  Only the Media Centre, University of Auckland and NICAI logos are not freely usable without permission.

Published: First published Wed. 21 Apr. 2010.

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