Exhibition: Daniel Munn  

(Fine Arts)

1 September 2010 to 24 September 2010
Daniel Munn presents: resene lochmara 250ml, dulux sea foam half 250ml, dulux golden passionfruit 250ml, glass tumbler 220ml duralex provence, diggers metho 1l. choc t/bear 200g, capricorn 400g, milky bar 50g, finish tabs 14pk. celery pieces, tomato roma red, mushroom cups, bean round, ginger, carrot. coca cola 2l, sprite zero 2l, diet coke 2l, thins chips 175g, smiths orig 175g, smiths chik 175g, chinet sparkling tum 20pack, sb coles plate paper 20pack, servte 3ply 80pk, deeko serviettes, mr bbq tong 30cm, bbq tray rect3pk.
Preview: 31 August, 5.30pm

Public lectures:
Tuesday, 31st August, 5.00pm
A talk between Daniel Munn and D. M. Satele about every newspaper and magazine available that day in the front of store displays at Countdown Auckland City.
Saturday, 4th September, 1.00pm
Daniel Munn talks about his recent work and the artist Bill Culbert.

Window General Library Foyer
5 Alfred Street
The University of Auckland
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