Dissolving sugar  

(George Fraser Gallery)

14 September 2010 to 18 September 2010

11am - 4pm

Venue: George Fraser Gallery, 25 Princess St

Cost: Free admission

Website: George Fraser Gallery
Elam MFA students Carolin Casey, Matt Heays, Vicki Ormond, Mathew Teirney and Sarah Williams can¿t agree on much, but these days who can? The five apply themselves to a challenge proposed by an unnamed member of the group. They reinterpret an intimate knowledge of their individual practices for the purpose of a single exhibition: the notion of themselves as colourinists serves to challenge the inertia of each member¿s practice. In the first instance what is a colourinist? While such asinine machinations may prove to be at worst a heavy-handed and clumsy intrusion, at best these will meld with the current concerns of their practice. Ultimately any conversation needs a catalyst, and so the notion of the colourinist serves this purpose with lightsome sprit. The exhibition catalogue includes a written work by Anne Hensel (MA, Universitat Bremen).

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