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As much as I'd like to focus more on my personal reflection this week, I still find myself trying to figure out what went "wrong" in Mike's Bike as a team, our share holder value has dropped once again, not by a lot compared with the last roll over but it does not look great. 

In the past 3 weeks we’ve spent time going over our business processes, cut down on unnecessary costs and tried to think “outside of the box” so we don’t become too narrowly focused on one or the few aspects of the simulation and missing out on important areas that may be the cause of our low SHV so far. This week it seems like the effort we’ve put into this simulation did not equate to the results, frankly as a group we don’t quite understand why. Comparing with other firms in our industry that are doing better than us our revenue, profits, sales and so on seems to be quite similar to the others therefore as a team our spirits are not as high as the first few roll overs. This doesn’t mean we’re going to stop trying and just accepting what we’ve been given in this situation. I have realised that perhaps we’ve spent too much time trying to become a “better” firm … as in we spend too much time as a collective wanting all areas of the operations to all be successful. (I don’t know if this even makes sense) in reality organisations find analysing rivalries an important process and the firm consist of weak and strong areas according to their business strategy. In the next decision round what I think we should do is spend some time to really analyse our competitors and perhaps prioritise our spending and outputs accordingly to our business strategy.

Moving on to some personal development areas of this week's journal, last week I have brought up the idea that as a leader often I find myself unwilling to play the "bad guy" in the team, leading to minor issues such as when I feel like we should get some work done but the others would like to discuss about their weekends and I don't try to stop them, because I'm not a big fan of conflicts within the team. This week I've put some thoughts into this, I thought about the context of this group work, do I treat our gathering like a meeting in a real organisation or should I treat our gathering as in an everyday function of an organisation? I feel it would be easier for me as a leader if we treat our meetings as formal meetings like the ones that takes place in organisations however by doing so we would be losing the personal connections with each other, it is important to find a balance, we haven't yet but it is a goal to do so within this semester. 







  1. Hi Aria,

    In Week 4, I referred to your analysis not being backed up by readings, I cannot make any comment on improvement as there are no readings used in this weeks journal either. In terms of this weeks journal, I found that your writing touched on a number of things, however had no focus on anything specific, it seemed very scattered. I feel as though it would be beneficial for you going forward to focus on one issue for the week and get the technique nailed before you incorporate a number of problems. Although, in saying that, if you link all the issues you had highlighted together and see them as one complex problem, then I would understand why you have touched on so many issues, however the issues didnt link together, so this is a possible improvement for the final learning Journal.




    1. Hi Jennifer, 

      Thank you for your feedback, I do find this very helpful and I also do agree with you that perhaps the lack of incorporation of this week's reading can not really show much improvement from me. I'd like to utilise your feedback and come back to this week's learning journal sometime this week (hopefully in the next 2 days) and try to link all my scattered issues in this journal together. Feel free to re-comment once I've done so (smile)  

  2. Hi Aria,

    In week 4 my main criticism was that your readings felt fragmented from your experiences. Therefore I suggested you try to incorporate the readings more effectively within your readings and maybe referring to them more than just once. However since you have not included any readings in this journal I find it difficult to say that you have improved on this part of my critique. So therefore I suggest that for your final journal you should definitely be integrating your ideas and the how the readings reflect or do not reflect your experiences (as they might not in your case it seems). If the reason you are not including the readings is because they do not relate to your experiences I think you should either 1) find a weeks readings that do apply or 2) state how your experiences are differing from the readings ideas and maybe even include why this might be.

    However building on week 4 I think your writing is still very clear and I think you have some very interesting problems that have the basis for building a great summative learning journal on.

    Goodluck again for the rest of this course! (smile)