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I named this weeks learning journal Working with people not textbooks because that's the point the assigned reading "learning and developing from managerial work experiences" was making. It claimed that high level managers, whilst formal training such as a Management degree or diploma may help them, it isn't the best learning tool. The best learning tool in terms of how to interact with people and learn how to manage is actually working with people in a team environment. After gathering this knowledge I comprehended that this course is actually very valuable because it teaches one the skills that the reading is saying are vital. What this means is that because mgmt300 is similar to what the reading suggests is the best form of managerial learning, this course is better for our learning than the other courses we do. Application of this Knowledge would be to embrace team time and also social occasions or any time with groups/teams of different natures so as to gain valuable effective management and business performance skills. In terms of our teams we will benefit from the experience because we will carry the skills we have learned into the business world. In terms of Blooms last segment of his Taxonomy, synthesis, I feel like this will only occur on dissolving of our teams.


  1. Hi John,

    Clearly you have a good comprehension of the reading material as you have described the key themes well.  You have then gone beyond this and applied them accurately to the course.  The next logical step to me would be for you to include some anecdotes from your team and/or your personal life to further illustrate your points.  This would enable you to include some more reflection on the principles in action as opposed to focusing mainly on summarizing the readings.  Add some actionable takeaways in there and your journal will be longer and fuller (smile)

    Good luck for next week!

  2. Hi John,

    A good analysis and comprehension of the readings and you depict that well. It is quite brief though, and it would have been good to see you elaborate more on your analysis and bring in a personal perspective, relating it to your team and specifically what you learned and how you will use this moving forward.

    Good effort