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This week in mgmt 300 was a very testing one for me, I can definitely say I was considering dropping this paper in exchange for an easier one with less commitment. My toughest challenge to date at university so far has been Code Avengers in Infosys 101, but this week Mikes Bikes proved to be even more difficult for me than coding. I spent hours confused and frustrated having my shareholder value diminish each rollover.


After many futile attempts I was given some tips from a friend and eventually made my first positive rollover. This experience of failing so miserably at mikes bikes, then being able to make $43 easily was a real learning experience for me. I realised that persistence does pay off and the feeling of success is worth the hard work.


So from this I decided to stay in mgmt 300 and was put in a group in the Thursday class. In the reading about turning student groups into effective teams, a key criteria is to ‘Form teams whose members are diverse in ability levels and who have common blocks of time to meet outside class.’ I feel the students who have allocated the groups have done this perfectly. I found that in my team there were all different people with unique abilities and we collectively decided to use them to perform well and in sync as a group. The reading also explained how instructor chosen groups instead of self-selected groups tend to perform better.


I can already see how this is accurate because considering we have just met our new teammates, there is inbuilt expectation that we have for one another’s performance. This expectation to not let the team down, is a good motivator. And I feel that us not deciding our own groups was a wise idea, because if we were with our friends we would have less expectations and probably give them leeway to slack off.  I am happy with my group and feel the allocation process has been reflective of the real world, because we wont be able to pick who we work with then. This will be a chance to show we can work well with others and cohesively as a team.

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  1. Your story with MikesBikes is exactly the same as mine! utter frustration replaced with utter joy from that positive roll-over. In terms of your journal I would recommend perhaps using some form of reference? Perhaps maybe the weeks reading and drawing something from that to incorporate into your essay. For example this weeks reading was on teams, perhaps using a quote or relating an experience to what is described about teams and what you experience teamwork as.

    Your grammar is great and the structure was easy to follow.

    In terms of Daudelin's structure it was present but more so in two parts, i.e. it feels like you focussed on two issues, Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe these type of journals are stronger if you focus on one particular issue. So say for example you talked only about teams and your worries about not letting the team down.