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In week 2 of Management 300, with the readings assigned and the lectures this week enabled me to grow a better understanding of how, why and what are key aspects of a team. Week 1 played an important part of understanding the effectiveness of a team which was the objectives for this week. The readings in Week 1 shows the basic but critical skills needed as an individual while involved in the business world and working through Solo Mike proved that. Due to Solo Mike being difficult to play as an individual, it showed the importance of having a team and delegating helps with the workload and achieving your goals/targets. Therefore, it followed onto this weeks objective learning solely based around teams.

The first half of what needed to be completed for Week 2 was to do the readings and also provide 2 peer feedback/reviews. Katzenbach and Smith (1992) emphasizes 'Why Teams Matter' by outlining the process of becoming a successful team. This reading taught me the various advantages/disadvantages that comes with forming a team and the possible barriers that could arise therefore it is vital to delegate correctly according to each team members specialty. Oakley, Felder, Brent, & Elhajj (2004) elaborate more in-depth by detailing the formation of a team in order to be as effective as possible. This reading taught me that it is not as simple as it seems to put together a team, although it demonstrates the amount of planning involved, dealings with problems that come up and how to correctly function a team in regards to what is best for the team. 

The second half of what needed to be completed for Week 2 was to complete a CV to put us into teams. I completed the CV but did not physically hand it in which is something I'll from by not leaving tasks to the last minute. I was still put in a team and here we were able to start with introductions and sorting out the different roles that would be played by each member. I was chosen to take care of that Marketing side. We were able to come to an agreement of our meeting times/days and planned to go from there.



  1. Hi Jessie

    You reading reflection flowed reasonably well, and it was good to see that you had used the readings, however you need to make sure that you reference them at the end- have a look at other reading reflections to see how they are referenced at the end. 

    I felt as though you reading reflection didn't follow Daudelin's guidelines of explaining a problem, analysis of the problem, formulation and testing of a theory to explain the problem, and lastly action. Using Daudelin's theory is something you should attempt to do for next week in order to improve your reflection. Another way you could improve for next week is to have some analysis in you reflection rather than being descriptive, however if you follow Daudelin's theory i'm sure a deeper thinking will come with it.



  2. Hey there,

    I found this reading both interesting and relatable, particularly with regards to CV - I found that quite stressful. As Jennifer said in the previous comment, you may wish to implement Daudelin's guidelines for reflection which is what Peter is looking for. I thought your reflection read well, which made it an enjoyable experience. I have a couple minor suggestions which may be of use to you. The first is to include a reference list for any sources that you paraphrase or quote because I think they will penalise you if you don’t (so just a heads up). Secondly, and this is just nit-picking, you just missed out the word ‘learn’ when you were said ‘which is something I'll from,’ but that’s obviously an easy fix. Hopefully these suggestions will help you in your future reflections, cheers.