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There are so much things going in my mind, I forgot to write this week’s learning journal. Well, speaking of our group’s performance… speechless. There were several things that we didn’t look at while planning our strategy for the previous rollover. Reflecting on Daudelin’s theory our problems initially was at the beginning. We recognised that releasing more products at first would secure our firms position (and the graph Peter showed that). We increased our debt to the limit and released all 4 products at once. Although I think everyone will agree on this, there are some faulty bits about MikesBikes as it doesn’t show the actually process of the rollover. If we knew how the process works, we would have changed our strategy (although releasing all 4 products without any advertising was a risky move). Our financial status eventually let our firm being insolvent. Yet with the help of Peter, our firm is up and running again. It is going to be hard yet; we will try to do our best to increase our profit and overall SHV.

Some the solutions we had were going to sell our firm to the top firm in our region. I support this as we have issues with our cash revenue but also as we are reaching to an point, there’s nothing we can actually do (the markets are now all taken and controlled and investing in marketing will increase our sales by a small amount). If we were taken over, we at least would have some cash provided by our parent company and most of all advises from them to ultimately increase our profit. If we take this direction, I think our group will be better off and the results will turn out alright.