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Due to a time constraint throughout the weekend I am writing my learning journal before the results of this week's turnover comes out, but I have found this to actually add an interesting perspective. It allows me to reflect on the steps we took and the choices we made, without a biased view on whether or not they were positive or negative (as based on the results).

To start I will identify and analyze the problem my team currently faces; we started off great, propelling to the top segment of what looked to be a very promising market (in India) but then everything went downhill. For lack of a better word, I think our downturn started when we became a little "cocky". We started to spend a lot more money, and tried to expand too quickly. This, in the end, became our downfall and pushed us to near the bottom of the pack. Throughout the process, I also think that we started to lose our identity. One of our weekly readings explained how "your company’s best growth opportunities may get lost in the big picture" (Baghai, Smit, and Viguerie 2009). We started to focus on trying to improve our entire business all in one go. This took away from our focus on what we initially identified as our key success factors, and when comparing them to other companies now, those characteristics are no longer above rest of the pack. 

Moving forward we have tried to isolate these key success factors once again. Along with this we have made sure to spend less money, and use it only where we know we need it. This hopefully, will allow us to start experiencing a positive income once again, and we can hopefully start increasing our SHV. I do not know what kind of consequences our changes will have on this weeks results; saying this, I really do believe that we did make positive choices and I am hopeful for positive results.

All in all, I am not especially happy with where my team lies at the moment; saying this, I do still enjoy the MikesBikes simulation and I believe I have learned some valuable lessons in the process. Our other reading this week stated that "those who don’t record history are doomed not to learn from it" (Davenport, 2006). I think that these journals are a great way of recording, reflecting, and learning from both the positive and negative choices we make each week!


Baghai, M., Smit, S., & Viguerie, P. (2009). Is your growth strategy flying blind? Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 86—96.

Davenport, T. H. (2006). Competing on analyticsHarvard Business Review, 84(1), 98--107.


  1. I like that you are managing your time well which few of us do now that we are coming up to the last couple of stressful weeks. I'm glad that you realize what benefits writing your journal early could give you, I guess you have a bit more of an advantage arguably. its great that you are reflecting on mikes bikes which is important, a lot of the reflections I have read previously have not done so. good in cite references in prep for summative. you even reflected on how these learning journals have helped you which is a great thing to put in there considering we only have one more to write. (smile) 

    What I would like to know is more about your team dynamics? My team at the moment are quite demotivated, we just want this to be over, but how are your team doing? Is everyone playing their part, are they turning up to meetings, any conflicts?? if everything is ok then why have their been no conflicts or issues do you think? How are you finding your role or have you somehow taken on a role that you never wanted to have? These are some of the questions you may have to address in your summative journal - another thing, have the readings been helpful to you. I'm sure that if you address a little bit of everything in your summative (especially other people's feedback and  the readings) then you will have a brilliant journal. This will allow you to reach the higher stages of Daudelin's framework and Bloom's taxonomy, and just make sure to proofread your journal and make it lucid.  

    I think you have improved tremendously and are getting to the higher stages of Daudelin's framework. You have improved to me because you included mikes bikes in your reflective piece, and talked about the readings that have got you thinking about your situation.

    Remember this is just constructive criticism and I did enjoy reading your journal overall (smile) it got me thinking about what I'm going to include in the last journal I am going to write, and what may make my summative journal more appealing. Writing feedback for you enabled me to think about the many things I need to improve on and in hindsight, all the things I could have done better. Good luck for everything else, only 3 weeks left to go.

    Btw my firm's in India        

  2. Hi Dolf, you journal is very interesting and you have clearly been reflecting on what has happened to put your firm in its current position. My previous feedback had related to the analysis of the problem and it is really nice to see that you have elaborated in your analysis in your latter journals. I would recommend firstly clearly describing your problem and then going onto the analysis instead of combining them. This will allow for the reader to be clear on the exact problem and will also show the clear movement from description to analysis. I would also be weary of avoiding it becoming too descriptive and maintaining a key focus on what you personally learnt as a result of the week. You may also want to elaborate on how you are going to focus on isolating the key factors - what might you learn from this and how will you go about it. This could be something that forms a basis to your summative quite easily so by focusing on long-term learnings and application could be very useful. This will also allow for more depth and further critical reflection. 

    Sounds like you have a lot that you can base your summative journal on and I wish you all the best (smile)