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I will again use Daudelins framework for of reflection for week 3, starting off with articulation of the problem.

Working in a team dynamic and as a member of a team can sometimes be challenging for me. Why do you ask? well it all comes down to listening or the lack of. I am the type of person who is very talkative and has ideas, while in the team meetings, particularly in week 3 I found myself expressing my ideas very strongly. You might think this isn't a problem but is that what a follower does? is that his role? is my role of a leader? The article In the Praise of Followers (1988) states that "organizations stand or fall partly on the basis of how well their leaders lead but partly also on the basis of how well their followers follow" So what role do i serve? just a follower or a leader?

Now to analyse this problem even more within the same reading there are qualities in which define followers. That they mange themselves well, committed to the task and organisation, build their competence and focus their efforts for maximum impact and they are courageous, honest and credible. Now being a good listener is not within this list but I believe that a follower is also one who is able to listen to ideas, maybe even listen more and than give ideas based on that. Instead of just talking all the time. Maybe its my mindset of a leader and follower. My mindset has always been that a leader just tells the follower what to do but a leader being defined as "responsible for motivating followers" and the follower being the clay, who uses this motivation to get things done. 

Our team doesn't really have those qualities yet, of a leader who motivates but we do all have conversations that allow us to get work done. We have this discussion time normally at the beginning and this motivates us to get the rest of the work done. I think that next time in our team meetings I will listen more and say things that will motivate my teammates as when we do split into smaller teams I feel like my roles change from the follower to the leader. 


Kelley, Robert E. (1988) In the Praise of Followers, Article Volume 66 Pages 142-148. Retrieved from:

Daudelin, W. M. (1996). Learning from experience through reflection. Organizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36-48. 


  1. Hey Flynn,

    I like how you really thought about and analyzed yourself as a follower personally and broke down what it means to be a follower using the relevant readings. Your analysis of the problem allowed me to fully understand and empathize with it, however, just to follow up on what Ramy said, I think going a bit more in depth with your solutions to the problem will help you to overcome them. Really thinking about 'how' you are going to listen more and what steps you are going to take in order to motivate your team.

    Good luck.  

  2. Hi  Flynn,

    It seems you did this journal in week three however my link has sent me to review it so hopefully I can offer some more help.

    One bit of advice straight off the bat is it may be challenging for your leader to provide this motivation that you speak off. Nonetheless, I'm sure that they are trying their best. Yes as the reading touched based on a good follow follows however, I also believe that a good follow helps out when their leader is struggling. This is because you are in a team and it doesn't just fall solely on your leader to do everything. It's good to see how you offer out ideas and I feel that you shouldn't stop doing this. Different ideas and viewpoints offer different perspectives and diversity within your group that will, in fact, lead to a stronger group performance.

    Therefore, I believe that you should keep doing what your doing, yes give more ideas but also allow others to speak up. Maybe in doing this your leader will grow into their role and they might surprise you when they notice how much of an effort you are making.

    Overall great review.

  3. Hey,

    First off, a well structured reflection. In your second paragraph, you follow Daudelin's structure rather well; in that you pose a 'problem', 'analyse' it, then form a hypothesis and out of that comes your 'action'. I quite like your discussion of the learning progression in your first paragraph. I find your use of theory to be pretty good. listening is a way that can motivate the leader to further explain their ideas, but the followers also need to contribute their oppions to help the team became more conprehensive. 

    overall, good work! cheers!