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Week01 for Management 300 was a joke for me.  I did the readings but fell short with the learning journal and peer review. – I did the labelling correctly, had my journal written up and I did send it last minute but it was already typed up for submission.  Nonetheless, I kept emailing Peter, our course lecturer and I think I really did frustrate him as much as I was at the time. Thanks Peter for the added information to ensure that my frustration does not get the better of me and this situation does not happen again for this week’s learning journal, especially in posting my Week02 learning journal in the correct location.  If anything, I lost the plot as to where I was supposed to send my journal to be reviewed.  In addition, I am not happy that I did not get my reflective piece peer-reviewed and it comes down to prioritising my time to meet deadlines in a timely fashion. I’m over it now, and looking forward to the challenges ahead in a positive light as an improvement of how I can manage myself better like Leonard, D., Barton G., and Barton M., (2013) talks about ‘deep smarts’ to becoming an expert– and this is what my goal is to achieve in thinking smart and thinking deep to be specialised with the skill sets that I possess to be an effective team player.

 I did not feel that I was up for this management course but I have persisted.  I will now refer to the MikesBike software which is integral to this Management 300 course paper.  I had to continuously make contact with the Helpdesk for SmartSims for my login and password.  I made the request for the internet payment a week before Semester 2, and it took an age to receive a response.  I felt like a nagger having to email and request for further developments.  I made my $70.00 payment via internet banking on Monday 21 July and it only arrived to SmartSims on Wednesday 30 July.  So I felt really stretched to meet the deadline to submit my Curriculum Vitae (CV).  It also meant that I had limited time to practice and it showed in the end result of my Financial Performance report. I did learn that the final outcome for my made up firm wasn't what I thought it could have been.  I surprised myself in thinking there goes my business - but no, it wasn't bad and it wasn't good, just fair and I thought ok, I can do this. Nevertheless, I have to say that Danny and Brook from SmartSims were co-operative, patient, and helpful, and really understood the stresses I was experiencing.  N., & Zietlow, R., (2008) talks about students needing to critically think, and when it comes down to it – I am not technologically savvy, the knowledge I did go in search for was not available to me and time is what is needed to practice to become well-versed, at best - I am a fast learner.  Now, I am on my way.

Leonard, D., Barton, G., & Barton, M. (2013). Make yourself an expert. Harvard Business Review, 91(4), 127--132.

Nentl, N., & Zietlow, R. (2008). Using bloom's taxonomy to teach critical thinking skills to business students. College & Undergraduate Libraries, 15(1-2), 159--172. doi:10.1080/10691310802177135


  1. lol you were just like me in the first week! (smile) Its an awesome reflection on mikesbikes but maybe more coverage needed on the other readings. Towards the end you use a lot of I's to begin your sentences so maybe a different word would have been better to make it sound more lucid. Thank you very much I had to read an extra 2 readings so I could give you good feedback haha. Overall, it is a very good reflective piece and I love that you began with week 1 and smoothly incorporated week 2 into your reflection. I'll post this for now and have a look at your chosen readings and get back to you    

  2. I like that you have thought about the improvements you need to make for week 3 and beyond to do better in the course (good evaluation). I think you needed to tackle the Daudelin article and use it to help you write you reflection. Maybe something like how you might prepare yourself for week 3 after the mishaps you've had in weeks 1 and 2. Perhaps reflect on your learning techniques... or how you would resolve future confrontations/conflicts. Also some of your sentences are quite long so perhaps a comma is needed or something like that (mainly in the beginning). Idk my critiques could be completely incorrect but I'm trying to give you some kind of feedback. Congrats on referencing btw. I liked reflecting on your piece because you forced me to do further readings and made me think about how I could have improved my own reading. I had to review bloom's taxonomy again and Daudelin's article so thank you (smile)  if you have any queries get back to me!

  3. I think you have shared some great experiences in dealing with this course and a bunch of other things but I also can't help but notice/feel that the ideas are all over the place, maybe that's just me. I also feel there are a bit too much personal experiences instead of theory, I would improve that by stating the theory and how it tied in which my experience/what it means for me. Anyway I hope this helps (smile)