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I started at this University wanting to major in English. And very quickly changed my mind to Management, even then, I cannot escape writing my person thoughts into a journal. Now for all of you to read. Enjoy and be gentle.

Reflection is something that to me, is generally something I do upon regretting a choice that I have made, then put my fist in my mouth, bite down and cringe. This week, I have learnt the value of reflection and evaluation, and with this knowledge, if I can apply that to every day life, hopefully the cringes will be much less. Apparently; " Reflection is a natural and familiar process" (Daudelin, 1996), however, maybe its just being disorganized, but I have never been that student who has a draft copy, then an edited copy and then a final draft so on. How I have made it through University this far with an attitude like that I am not too sure. Of course there are the minor evaluations where I either pat myself on the back or beat myself down. However, I have never assumed of using the 4 steps which Daudelin has suggested, although, when looking at the steps in details, I can see the significance of reflection with even the most basic of situations of everyday life. Consequences are real, always have been, and always will be. Sometimes they are good reflections of what you have done, though when they are undesired consequences, the crap that you find yourself in post issue is most unsatisfactory, therefore, maybe this paper is what I need to put myself on the correct path to good choices! (We hope).

I thought that the best way to understand and hopefully use this method to make good choices from this theory, is to put it into practice. Then I decided what better thing to evaluate than my work hours which I am currently struggling with due to University being needy and requiring more full time attention. Last semester, I was doing 4 papers and working 32 hours per week in the Support Office of Noel Leeming. That did not seem as difficult as I had only 2 days of classes (I know right, hitting the jackpot of timetables), however now, I have 4 days of papers, and the longest day is two hours. Therefore myself and my manager had to co-ordinate a schedule that would be appropriate for myself, my team, University and the company. Only typically, as most things in life, this was easier said than done, as now I had to drop at least 2 days from work, therefore having to make up 16 hours elsewhere. This means that I must work to find someone to cover my previous hours, my manager must find someone who can fit those hours and then fit more hours around me, all while ensuring that any days I do pick up, will not create issues with my study, but as Daudelin explains: "When a person engages in reflection, he or she takes an experience from the outside world, brings it inside the mind, turns it over, makes connections to other experiences, and filters it through personal biases." Thats what I feel we should be doing each time we reflect on issues, as it ensures that you are not the only person who is involved with the problem, and you are more likely to resolve this knowing that no one is left short. Specifically in a business environment. One thing I have noticed, not in my office, but in stores particularly, its a bit of a cut throat world out there. No one really is very interested in other people if it means that they are safe from being told off or that they are doing well, quite similar to University, which is a issue that could be resolved by the reflection process. By considering others, even if it is only considering who they are in your situation, then you can allow for every possible outcome, and more often than not, like in my work situation, you can find something to befit all. 

So now that I have written my speech for becoming Miss Universe, I can stop being cheesy and admit to you all, that not always will you find an outcome that is suitable to everyone, and even more than that, you will always find the people who are particularly self centered. Some people are very focused on the best possible outcome for themselves than anything that may stop that is only an obstacle to overcome. Therefore, hopefully, through this course, I will become more coherent one ways to evaluate my situation and ensure that this will reflect on ways that help others, rather than leaving them stranded with a not so positive outcome. But, also to make sure that I can develop others ideas on ways to be more open to ideas which will bring a positive light to others and themselves. Thats a real Gandhi situation if I found one, but in a corporate world, reflection can be something that opens ideas that could result in the best conclusion for everyone, just like my work hours situation, best for company, colleges and myself, just like what we are aiming for.

Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflectionOrganizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36--48


  1. The beginning of this journal is written in a way that captures the reader. Straight away you are bringing in knowledge from what you have learnt over the week, such as writing being a useful tool for reflection. You have shown good comprehension of the knowledge, applied it to the work you experience. To improve on this you could make more connection from this paper and other, but of course this will get easier as we go along. This is an easy journal to read as it flows and I was able to relate to your point of not writing drafts for essays.  I can tell that you have stepped back to look at the problem and come up with an action to overcome it; the Daudelin structure has been used. For your next journal I recommend putting more thought into the title, instead of "Week 01 Learning Journal" this reflection could be titled "Work, Uni, Life Balance." Its great that you have used experiences outside of Uni to write this reflection, definitely carry this on into your other reflections. Overall a really good reflection for the first one and slight improvements will make the week 2 journal even better.

  2. First of all I must say that you seem to have a good understanding and knowledge of the concept of reflection. You have made some strong arguments showing your understanding of 'reflection' ;however, I do believe that you tend to use too many commas in your sentences where it does not seem to be necessary.

    This is just one example from the text where I felt confused especially the last short sentence. I know you can write better next time.   or words that just flowed from a 'stream of conscious'? 

    "Thats what I feel we should be doing each time we reflect on issues, as it ensures that you are not the only person who is involved with the problem, and you are more likely to resolve this knowing that no one is left short. Specifically in a business environment."

    Might I suggest... "That's what I feel we should be doing each time we reflect on issues as it ensures that you are not the only person who is involved with the problem.

    You are more likely to resolve this knowing that no one is left short especially in a business environment." (sorry I feel evil...) 

    Other than these small fragmented issues the reflection is very well thought out and written.

    Also Peter had said he is a sucker for meaningful titles and it would be better if you could write a title so readers can have an idea on what your reflection will be about.