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According to Chinese proverb "No Pains, No Gains"! Our team had extremely poor performance last week and it made all of us suffer from fearfulness. This week, we had the team meeting and we discussed what was exactly wrong with our team. We used to be one of the top performers but now we are one of the worst. During the meeting, our CEO pointed out some key words which were arrogance and over-optimism, these problems trapped us into the failure. As a result, we realized that to facilitate high performance, we must develop these personalities and skill: willigness to listen and humble. We frequently had no patience to listen to teammates' strategies and we trusted ourselves to much, this caused many members lost the motivation to do well in this course. As the poor performance occurred, we realized the danger of poor team work and arrogance. That is why Week 01 Readings about reflection is really imnportant to our future performance, we must reflect our past conduct and this can helps us to figure out the key problems that trigger the problems. This week, we started to listen to every member's personal opinions of strategy decisions patiently, and we tried to discuss it, or even argue it in the constructive way. We have reached the common decisions at the end, but this time, the common decisions was made after constructive team communication therefore we had very good confidence of our strategies. The result was great and our team has finally ran out from the debt situation.

According to the Reading "Learning and Developing from managerial work experiences", we tend to develop job autonomy and flexibility as we getting familiar with the job. As a operational strategist, I felt the tasks were challenging at the start, I was afraid of making mistakes and I frequently read manual guideline when I made every single decision. I couldn't trust myself and I frequently felt stress and tired. However, after few weeks, I started to gain some confidence and I felt I know what I exactly need to do to improve the responsiveness and quality of our bikes. At this stage, I started to develop the good understanding of the whole game and my teammates' personalities. Development can only occur when I have sticked with a type of occupation for a long time. However, I feel this is a trap after last week's poor performance. As I developed the strong familiarity with my tasks, I started to become over-confident with my decisions. I am sure this was same to people in my team as well. I learned one important thing at this stage, failure tends to come closer as you become more arrogant.

I think the best development is the combination of job proficiency and familiarity and humble. As I become more familiar with my tasks, I should become even more humble and cautious. This is because I need to know there are many knowledge I need to acquire in order to strive for excellence. Thanks to Mike's Bike team work, I acquired the strength of tolerance and forgiveness. It is important for us to be able to tolerate and forgive other people's mistakes.



  1. Hi Zhao,

    It was really interesting reading your journal, as I have also underwent the same experiences with my group being one of the top leaders in mikes bikes to being one if the lowest. It's great to see from your journal that your team has managed to get back on track.  You have structured your journal well by using Daudelins reflection process, and in doing so it was easy and enjoyable to read your journal. I think your group has done well to not only reflect on the issues individually but also as a group, something I think my group needs to do. I like that you came up with actions to deter you from your problem AND also actions to keep you from repeating those problems. I think a minor improvement to this journal is to include a reference for the beginning of the 2nd paragraph.

  2. Hi Zhao,

    I really enjoyed reading your journal for the week, especially your thoughts on teamwork and how to be working as a more effective team. I really liked how you addressed not only group issues, but also personal issues faced in the operations role. I also like how you structured the journal to reflect your progress from the beginning of mikes bikes until now. In order to make this good journal great, add the missing reference as Salome mentioned. Aside from that, you have written a clear, concise and very comprehensive journal in which all aspects are reflected upon critically.

    All the best for the rest of the semester (smile)