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Recapping the last week, we assessed our results from week 6 which weren't the greatest but they were manageable, till the roll over yesterday. That is when our team's shareholder value dropped to the extent that it now requires CPR. I am slightly confused as to why our team is in the predicament we are in today. We looked at reports comprehensively and calculated impacts of adding or decreasing money being put into specific departments and also consulted Peter when in need of help. My perception of the issue encountered this week is that due to all of us not being present at meetings all at the same time, there was a slight issue of not having everyone's voices represented. The absences were all due to valid reasons and our team, the way I see it anyway, is more than capable of handling a few absences but maybe the timing of the absences wasn't right. Since our team was already not performing as well as we should be, uniting together this week was probably more important than ever now in hindsight. 

As a team this was our first real failure and our existing strategies especially in terms of only having a single loop learning strategy isnt working. Single loop learning is defined loosely along the lines of either by working harder to achieve goals, applying theory to problems and problem solving (Argyris, 1991). There is a lack of internal reflection with single loop learning and it enables individual to attribute blame if single loop learning is unsuccessful (Argyris, 1991). Since our team has received news of our drastic decreases in shareholder value there has been an overall loss of morale. More interestingly an individual team member who doesnt want to blame anyone but seems to be bringing the idea, that they dont want to blame anyone with everyone in the team. This either may be the the person projecting their internal feeling of wanting to blame someone or just making sure everyone knows they genuinely dont want to blame anyone. 

Possible solutions as to overcoming our drop in shareholder value are that the team aims to adopt double learning styles. Double loop learning would require internal reflection as to who individual actions may have contributed to this situation (Argyris, 1991). Double loop learning also requires examining implicit beliefs that support goals and values that an individual has (Synnott, 2013).This means that individuals need to be looking at what decisions each individual emphasised and blocked. Another strategy that may help would be to minimise blocked learning caused by being in a certain position of power and organisational culture which could prevent transformative and double loop learning (Argyris, 1991).  We all have to look at how our team culture and our positions may have influenced our decisions, bias to one's department may also be present. Since our team has already experienced a phase of conflict and storming, as a team we may have avoided any conflict in making decisions. This may have resulted in members not explicitly stating what they think is the best possible strategy in regards to this week's rollover. Looking at external factors such as circumstances, differing thought patterns and communication errors would aid a detailed investigation of how our failure came to be. 

The team needs to provide a neutral and safe atmosphere where members can feel comfortable enough and not feel embarrassed, humiliated or ashamed in any manner, in order to encourage double loop learning (Argyris, 1991). There is no doubt that the team is motivated and committed to learning as much as possible, achieving a high shareholder value and trying to do our best. Our first team meeting consisted of all of us setting expectations of what we wanted from this course which included learning as much as possible and this situation has presented itself as an opportunity to learn and progress. The team needs to avoid the doom loop of despair where we could all end up becoming demotivated and depressed (Argyris, 1991). The doom loop of despair comes to be due to individuals not performing well but the team does well which was the case in week 6 (Arygris, 1991). All in all we shall make it one way or another and our team needs to band together now in order to conquer becoming demotivated and disengaged.



Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learnReflections, 4(2), 4–15

Synnott, M. (2013). Reflection and double loop learning: The case of HS2Teaching Public Administration, 31(1), 124--134. doi:10.1177/0144739413479950


  1. This is the first time I've been assigned a member from my own group to review, so I feel I have some inside knowledge about the workings of our situation. In reference to the double loop learning that we are hopefully working towards, I agree that a judgement-free atmosphere where we are free to discuss possible causes of the insolvency of the firm is needed. It's apparent that you understand the difference between single loop learning and double, that that you have a clear idea of how we as a group can hopefully get ourselves out of debt through double loop learning and open discussion! Well done! 

    I also feel that potentially drawing on Kolb's learning cycle to gauge how we as individuals learn best so that we can find how to best work with each other will be incredibly useful, as we may be able to better understand each other. We can perhaps address this tomorrow when we meet. (smile)

  2. You know when you watch a video that features yourself and you sit, watch and cringe in a horrifyingly fascinated way. Thats how I feel reviewing myself but I feel like this was done on purpose especially in regards to double loop learning. Or I'm over analysing and this is system error, either way reviewing oneself is hard as we arent objective in regards to yourself or some people are too objective to the point of being their worst critics. So first of all I would start with how some things have been worded, I feel like it doesn't flow as well as I usually write.This can be seen in the differing sentence lengths and the odd wording of them, maybe I was trying to communicate too much in a small time frame. Its clear to see the understanding of the two learning concepts and how they can be applied to the situation but there is still something lacking. I think the use of readings while literary wise strengthened my journal the essence or my voice wasnt expressed as explicitly in comparison to my other journals. I need to find a balance of self expression and literature. Other than that I am happy with the revised structure I have aimed to demonstrate and I hope our team works out well. Fingers crossed