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At the start of the course

  • Read the Course overview
  • Read the Course Outline (available on Canvas)
  • Make sure you understand the Assessments
  • Put the Due dates in your diary
  • Get MikesBikes and start practising with MikesBikes Advanced Single-Player (read the document that comes with the simulation and at SmartSims) - your performance and familiarity with the the single-player version will, in part, influence the team that you will be allocated to for the multi-player competitive rounds (counting towards 20% of your final grade)
  • Read the introductory guide to Using this wiki 

Throughout the course

  • Do the readings. These are available through Canvas. You will need to be able to discuss them in class

  • Arrange, and commit to, regular meetings with your team throughout the semester. A large proportion of class time will also be devoted to your team work, planning and decision-making

  • Be sure to complete your reflective learning journals and to review the journals of two of your peers. Remember that, while the learning journals and reviews aren't actively graded, there are penalties for failing to complete these tasks

  • From time-to-time, have another look over your past journals. Think about whether any themes are beginning to emerge in your learning. Remember, your weekly journals will play an important role in your final summative learning portfolio (worth 80% of your final grade)

Time management

As there is no examination, you are expected to spend around 12 hours per week on this course.