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This week we have continued to drop in SHV and now I am quite lost to how we can fix this. Not only has our team lost shareholder value, but our company we took over has done so also. Therefore, my problem for this week is quite simple... we have the wrong strategy.

Personally, I believed our strategy was working originally. It was well thought out and no one seemed to be following our strategy. It turns out that its not profitable and something has to give. Thinking to myself, using the same strategy that we've tried to focus on for the last few weeks has been a cause of still believing it will work, and not attempting to question if the strategy is working. This weeks reading on the usefulness of asking questions, Brooks (2018) uncovers "most people don’t grasp that asking a lot of questions unlocks learning and improves interpersonal bonding." It makes sense that asking questions allows my group and I to learn and understand better. That means to say we have to be asking questions that will challenge how we are doing our strategy, how we are making the decisions and how we plan to continue in future weeks. On top of this, it will be a useful tool to think about how we can think more laterally and broadly about our problematic situation in an attempt to make this change.

This next week coming must be start for change so that we can attempt to regain our shareholder value.

The first sign of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different outcome...

Brooks, A.W, 2018, The Surprising Power Of Questions, pg 60-67


  1. Hey Nicholas

    I think you need to reflect more about your own personal experience rather than your teams. This would start by identifying which problem you personally found hindered you this week rather than what has been a problem within the sim for the team. This kind of reflection will help you more for your summative. 

    Good luck bringing that SHV up!

  2. Hey Nicholas, I think that you did a good job of incorporating this week's reading to help underpin your problem, however, I think it would benefit you to use Daudelin's structure more clearly. Why do you think you've used your strategy for so long without questioning its profitability? I also personally find it easy to fall into a comfortable routine without wanting to questioning it, as that will require more work and information seeking.