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The second to last week of the simulation has finished, the results are in and we are still steadily increasing. To say that uncertainty has not plagued us this week would be an understatement and that when it comes to execution we may have gotten a few wires crossed. All are minuet problems in a sea of small success that always seem to be over looked. So the problem I am proposing this week is quite revolves around a misalignment of our preliminary intrinsic goals. It has been hard to define a problem this week as mentioned above most of the stand out problems are relatively minuet in nature. It was one of the readings this week; How will you measure your life? By Christensen (2010), that enabled me to uncover this week’s problem. Christensen (2010) refers to the intrinsic values and long term success outside of that of the individual, but how we achieve happiness, derive inner value and positively affect the people around us. To say that as a team we have not accomplished this would not be true however it has been achieved in part with a loss of focus in deriving greater shareholder value that we began losing sight of what was really important to us, how we derived success in this simulation (which was learning). To lose focus on what was important to us is to derive less intrinsic value for our actions overall which has already caused problems with previous week’s meetings being focused around roles, overcoming confusion in our strategy and how to derive more value.

So how to address this problem of losing sight of what we derived to be important which should have been the backbone of our simulation strategy and business model? I feel in essence what we have achieved can still derive us intrinsic value such as actually paying our employees significantly more, which we all agreed upon as we felt deeply in touch with being corporately responsible citizens, but to overcome this problem would be to review what our vision and mission for this simulation was, and redefine how we measure our success in this simulation. Christensen (2010) mentions that allocation choices can make your life very different than what you wanted and that when people are striving towards achievement they will unconsciously allocate it to activities that derive the greatest tangible accomplishments. So to overcome this, we have to assure that the decisions we are making can derive the greatest long term reward rather than short term success. Could more be done to delve into the uncertain and try new activities that don’t derive immediate success in our SHV, but derive greater success in what our vision of learning was?

To conclude this learning journal, some actionable outcomes for next week will be derived. Firstly I want to dedicate part of our first meeting to evaluate how well we have kept to our vision and goals, to create a plan to derive as much intrinsic success for our final rollover and lastly as a long term actionable outcome, that I will cement for myself to keep my strategy aligned with my intrinsic goals to derive the greatest intrinsic value for myself and the people who are also affected by our actions.


Christensen, C. M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Ryan,

    It is interesting being able to review the same person two weeks in a row to see the progression. In response to my comments from last week I can see that there is a much clearer articulation of the problem that you faced this week as your team is forced to reconsider your primary goals. In addition there is an excellent inclusion of the Christensen reading and I can see exactly how it relates to your overall reflection. In addition with Daudelin's structure you have also provided a number of solutions to your problems as ensuring long term reward over short term gain through your personal learning through the simulation. It is also good to see that you have provided an action plan for this week, this I feel fully rounds out Daudelin and I struggle in coming up with anything to comment on. 

    My only feeling is that perhaps there could be less emphasis on the "we" and more on the "I". It is a personal learning journal look more deeply into what you have personally confronted and learnt fro during the week rather than what your team has confronted I feel would greatly enhance this journal. I feel you are doing really well and seem to be on the right track for your final journal. 

    Good luck for the last couple of weeks.