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Finally, we have nearly reached the end of management 300. This semester has been long and extremely hard. My main problem this week, has been stressing about the summative learning journal. This is mainly because the assignment is worth 80% (which is so big!), I am unsure on what to write about and I am still not used to this style of writing.


From looking at my past behaviour, all of my assignments have never been bigger than 30% at a time so I have never really stressed this much before. My assignments have also usually been essays, not reflective writing. As mentioned in my previous learning journal, I always aim to complete assignments to an excellent standard. As a result, the weighting and style of this assignment has been stressing and challenging me as it is different to what I am used to, and I want to do well.


After analysing my past behaviour and reading this week’s reading, I have learnt that motivators in our lives isn’t only money (well in this case good grades), “it's the chance to learn, grow in responsibilities and contribute to others.” (Christensen, 2010, p.48). Instead of spending time stressing about how to get the best grade in this course, I should be spending time thinking about what I have learnt from it and how I have grown. This will give me key points to discuss in my summative journal. Although good grades are cool, the main thing to take away from this paper are the skills that I have learnt that can help me in my daily life and my career in the future. When reflecting on what I have learnt this semester, I have not learnt much in terms of academic, but I have learnt many things about communication and co-operation within a group setting.


Therefore, my action over the next week is to reflect on this course. I am going to have a deep think about the things that I have learnt in this course- How has my communication improved? What co-operation skills have I learnt? By reflecting on what I have learnt in this course I should be able to successfully write my summative learning journal and not be stressed about completing it. If it's not the best piece of writing out there, it doesn’t really matter! Because I will be taking away great skills that will be more important and useful than a letter on a piece of paper and I know that I will have tried my hardest.


Christensen, Clayton M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review88(7), 46–51. Retrieved from


  1. Hi Renee,

    I really like your journal and find it very truthful and reflective. Well done! You've also followed Daudelins steps nicely with the 4 paragraphs. Good luck for your summative journal, I think most of us are in the same boat a bit unsure of how to go about it!

  2. Hi Renee

    I feel you with the stressing over the 80% assignment - although what is required of us has been set out from the get go, it still seems hard to be sure we have done enough for such a large percentage! 

    The way you have honestly explained your position with the use of Daudelin structure will set you up nicely for the summative journal. 

    All the best!

    Zoe (smile)