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So we’ve got to look at our company’s history to understand and prepare for the next crisis (Greiner L, 1972). Well that sounds about right. You are supposed to learn from your mistakes made in the past to be weary for the decisions you make in the future. It helped that Peter had us explain why we went downhill and what would we spend the cash injection money on. He got us to think about our mistakes from the past and our decisions for the future. Although this task required us to do a write up, the experience was uplifting for us as a team, and we had a good outcome from this cash injection. In some way it was good that we failed so that we could learn for the future.

I feel as if before the cash injection our team did focus on future decisions without really looking at the decisions we made in the past. We were just eager to move forward and move beyond the mediocre decision making. After this cash injection we have looked to the past more, we have a better understanding of the requirements of effective decision making. I just hope that we don’t look to the past too much and overlook our strategy for the future.

I was quite lost this week as to what HR decisions to make. Our team is doing so well and because we are coming up to the last weeks I don’t want to jeopardise the situation with my own perspective. In reading the Greiner article, it got me thinking a bit more about employees. If employees have too many training hours than they will not be motivated by the organization or the manufacturing the product. It is important to note that if workers are trained too much they have a higher change of burning out, if we higher too many workers they will become more difficult to manage, older workers may start to use their own initiative because they understand how the business works against the management agenda, and if we fire too many workers then staff also become less motivational because they are in danger of losing their job or losing their friends who keep them motivated. Although I did consider some of these factors in my decision making, I wasn’t aware of all of them and now I feel I can make a sound decision with this Intel. The mikes bikes manual was another resource I used to make a more informed decision.

In the 2nd article, Frederick Herzberg talks about learning and growing being the prime motivator for us, not money. In one of my journals I said that this was the reason why I am motivated to do the best that I can in mikes bikes, purely because I am learning. I felt quite smart after realizing that Herzberg and Christensen feel the same way as I do. The reading is also very relatable to many adult office workers and many Gen Y workers starting out in hospitality or retail. They don’t feel appreciated, nor do they have the chance to develop their skills gained from their studies. It’s some experience don’t get me wrong, but it is tedious work and can have an effect on how they interact with others and what they choose to do in their free time. I also am a BA student and I thought that business was simply about buying and selling really. Probably if I had of known now what I knew than I would have pursued a conjoint degree of BA and business. This reading felt like a message from Peter who is wishing us the best for the future. The author believes that we should figure out our life purpose and this will motivate us every day to achieve what we need to in order to reach our purpose. Although this is hard because no one ever really knows what they are doing, if we seek out our life purpose it will help us to have a life because we will be experiencing different things to figure it out. This experimentation is part of fulfilling our life purpose.

I understand that my journal is long but this is the last one, and I felt very reminiscent. I enjoyed writing these journals because I could express myself in a different way and I may even continue writing journals day by day just to keep a diary fulfil of memories and to practice using a wider range of vocabulary. At least if I express my feelings this way I am not bottling them up, this may be part of my life purpose to find a way to express my feelings in a healthy way which I don’t do enough of. When he was talking about how he was diagnosed with cancer this was his way of expressing his feelings and realizing that although life may suck, it is still worth living to the fullest.          

Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations grow. Harvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.

Christensen, C. M. (2010). How will you measure your life? Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.  


  1. Hi Micaela

    I’m surprised that you have actually thought of something that’s than required by mikesbike. I agree with your thoughts and they would be very useful if it was real life situations.

    From your reflections this week, I can see you have learnt a lot from this course. You have also realized that you are beginning to think and behave differently. I think you’ll be fine with your summative journal.

    Good luck :)

  2. failed so that we could learn for the future.

    One tends to get better (more useful, more accurate) learning when they are based on failure. 


    I understand that my journal is long

    No not really. 

    Micaela, I would tend to say that business is about buying and selling. But it involves people and so we need to understand them; how they think, work, and interrelate–what matters to them and why they do what they do. Without that the buying and selling will be pretty (a) ineffectual and (b) probably won't meet out own needs.

    Anyway, to your learning journal. If I'd really like to see one thing different in them it would be "what are you going to do differently" as a result of this. That's a question that you really need to answer in your Summative Learning Journal (or better yet, what  are you actually doing differently as a result of your learning).



  3. Hi Micaela

    It is good to read that your team was able to take something positive away from a failure. i really relate to the point you have made about needing to take the time to look at past decisions to be able to make sensible and productive ones for the future. 

    I can see the problem that you have identified for this week is related to your role as HR manager and the employee side of mikes bikes. I think that you have taken away from the readings some vital points about how employees are affected by HR decisions. it would be interesting for you to have noted what you thought of in the past when you were making your decisions and how exactly you are going to use this information this week to make changes. 

    While it is good to see that you enjoyed and were able to apply the second reading to your own personal experiences it strays slighting from following the structure of Daudelin's reflection process. It would have been maybe better for you to focus more on how you are planning on improving your HR decision making. 

    All the best for your summative journal (smile)