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As the end of the semester is finally drawing to a close it is astonishing to view exactly where we have come through Mikes Bikes from when we started in the practise rounds. The ups and downs that were experienced has finally allowed our team to push ahead with a SHV at just over $25 now putting us on track for a decent grade. Although we are not where some teams are the key is to be above average and judging how much progress we have all made I am happy where we are. I really enjoyed this weeks readings and they key being Christensen (2010) as it brought the coarse together in a very effective way. Some of the other readings have been more about how to improve ourselves which is good but Christensen (2010) really drove the point home about the connections  between people and how we can analyse and place value on this.

While our team is doing okay Christensen (2010) states that someone should not simply just worry about their own personal achievement but the whole. The issue presents itself as to how we are simply only doing okay and not better like some of the other teams out there. What caused this to happen I find myself asking but the truth is while there are always small details of ways we could improve I still struggle to see where we failed. As a result I worry that there are much larger issues with our team and it bothers me that I cannot pick out where we can improve as this skill is needed in order for me to become a successful manager later on in life.

As Christensen (2010) puts it managing is not really about making find-tuned organisational decision but empowerment and promoting key interactions between who you work with drives me to look at our group from another angle. The problem is I really think those minor tweaks is what could have lead to our mikes bikes doing perhaps better. I know while I did well in my job with marketing my real strength came in backing up our finance director on certain decisions and especially the CEO when it came to discussing whether we would take over what I thought was a undervalued group which has made us about 20,000,000 In cash after just 2 roll-overs.

It will certainly be interesting to see where we finish after the final roll-over.

Thanks for reading my journal. 

1 Comment

  1. $25 now putting us on track for a decent grade


    I still struggle to see where we failed.

    That's an interesting way to cast the issue. Why is it failed? Given that you (probably) have little idea of what went on in the other teams, could you really know what to attribute the difference to?

    I really think those minor tweaks is what could have lead to our mikes bikes doing perhaps better

    Quite possibly.


    Overall, Michael, I think you need to dig deeper into issues. The assumption that you failed is striking to me. Broadly, when you say things like that, you need to bring more evidence or reasoning to justify the assertion.   That would allow readers to better assess the quality of your learning.