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During this week my teem has spent a lot of time working together and it is starting to feel like we are in a whirlpool. It is a if we are unable to improve ourselves through increased effort. As our share price falls our group meetings get longer in order to try and fix the problem for the next week but we still see ourselves falling further behind. This is extremely disheartening. Even when I look back on the decisions made, I do not think there was anything massive that we should have done differently. I think the market massively impacted on our strategy. We planned for big. This initially went well. But we struggled to shift the number of bikes we planned for because the market didn't grow enough for it. All of a sudden, we were set up for big, which was no longer happening and so everything we had built up in the past was harming instead of helping. I wish I could go back when we were doing better and just pull back on the expenditure but with the information we had then it was the right decision. It seems the conservative way could have worked better than us slaving away week after week trying to fix our company.

Anyway, back to the problem at hand (which I feel is directly correlated to my experiences above): long team meetings. As the weeks go by, my time spent on MikesBikes and talking with my team has increased. I can't really say it is because the simulation is getting more complex as it was always like this, it is just that I am, week by week, learning more and more on how complex it is. All the same decisions still need to be made, so why is it taking longer? And why is it such an issue to me? Firstly, because I feel like it is wasting everybody's time beyond necessary and, secondly, because I am not seeing the results that I had hoped for come from it, in fact the opposite has happened. 

Do we have long meetings, and do I participate in long meetings, so that when things do go wrong it is not clear who to blame due to mutual accountability? I am at two minds with this. Firstly I could be participating in these long meetings because I don't want to be held singularly accountable if we do bad, but at the same time I question what is so wrong with wanting everybody to agree on a decision. When we agree, is the decision most likely to be better or worse than if I had made it on my own or do we inadvertently group think. I honestly don't know. One view could argue that because agreeing on decisions takes a long time, and that is what I am having an issue with, then, yes, there is something wrong with discussing it all and making sure we are all on the same page. What would happen if we didn't meet at all and made individual decisions on our sections and left it at that? To me that just does not seem like a possibility. All areas are related and so to some extent it is important to talk about what is going on and to base my decisions on others' decisions. 

Each week, I develop more skilled ways of storing data in my excel sheet and use formulae to work out what certain monetary decisions should look like. Even though I am basing them off tried and tested MikesBikes formulae (as found in the Advanced Manual), it is not paying off. I feel I did better when I didn't know what I was doing, didn't understand relationships between different variables, and based a lot of decisions on guess work. Well, that just goes against everything we grow up ever understanding about learning. The harder the work, the better results. The more time spent on a task, the better you become at it. I am spending more time, but am seeing worse results and feel I am becoming worse! Perhaps this signifies a lack of understanding that I thought I had, because now things have gone wrong I can't seem to rectify it. Are long group meetings related to all of this? What can I possibly do to change and improve and in doing so perhaps decrease the time spent meeting up. I have experimented on SoloMike. I have talked to many different people and received much advice, I have read the manual numerous times, I have looked at results and looked at the market, I have created a coherent way of storing all the data I need to keep track of. Quite honestly, I do not know what I can do to change the situation I find us in. This coming week we are going to go and see Peter. I hope to gain some clarity from it. It could, however, give me a lot to think about, and the group, and as a result group meetings could go even longer. Or we could all suddenly understand what needs to be done and make it happen. Right now this thought process is not complete. I need to see what happens over this week in order to hopefully shed some more light on my teems problems, but is continuing what were doing going to give us a different result? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" Vaas.

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  1. Hey Adam, first off just want to say your journal has improved dramatically since your week 4 journal. Back in week 4 you were lacking in a lot of detail, and mentioned some concepts from the reading but left a question of 'so what'. I suggested you created some actionable outcomes from the readings that you could then reflect upon and analyse. You have done this here in spades, although compared to week 4, you are under much different circumstances. So to address this weeks journal i can clearly see that you are having problems with the simulation that you have reflected upon and have tried to address in previous weeks such as having longer meetings and greater analysis. You seem overtly disheartened and to start this off, I have experienced some form of demoralisation in the simulation. The key is first to sort out the problems that you and your team are feeling regarding the simulation. Create some dialogue regarding accountability and the pressures everyone is feeling to create an even footing rather than a displacement on each others accountability. Second you have utilised your own process for analysing the data so now maybe the time to throw it out the door and start from scratch. Utilise the double loop method of learning and remove yourself from the filters, and get a fresh view for you and your team. Analyse your strategy and your competitors and maybe also look into other markets. Lastly if nothing is working, give in to the gut feeling and follow it. All strategies have the possibility to work, it is all about the execution. We have had a talk to Peter about this situation before and although cryptic, his advice basically followed the idea that it is all about the execution. You have applied a great deal of reflection to your problem and have got some conceptual knowledge behind you. I can only assume that you create actionable outcomes after chatting with Peter next week as he will give you a guide towards reaching that potential you have. 

  2. Hi Adam,

    Firstly nice title it really stands out, you wouldn't have happened to play a game called Far Cry 3 have you because it sounds surprisingly similar to a character called Vass. It is a shame your group isn't doing as well as you had hoped, I can tell you that you are not alone and even in my group we were looking to do well this roll-over but have completely flopped ourselves leading for us to make some very serious decisions. I might actually be taking some advice from what you have done in your group with having longer meetings and more analysis to attempt a come back.

    Back to your journal it was well written and easy to understand.While you do use some of the theory your journal is very good at explaining and linking it to your experiences yourself in mikes bikes. Using Formulas in excel to base your decisions as a CEO sounds really professional and with that in mind it is somewhat surprising your group is struggling. Like you mentioned perhaps a different angle is needed in order to overcome your struggles in the group and I agree with Ryan where perhaps more group accountability could be used.

    Overall it is a good journal however but there could be more of a mention of the readings as it seems like while you have read them perhaps more time is needed to completely understand them and bring it into your journal. Also you do need to reference the readings at the bottom of your journal.

    Thanks for letting me read your journal and all the best in the future.