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Katz (1955) proposes that an effective manager possess three main skills; technical, human and conceptual skills. He suggests that the real concern in management is what a person can do rather than what he/she is. I think this raises a good point because being in  managerial role, responsibilities increase therefore the pressure to perform is increases as well. Not every management role is going to be the same because you're working with different people with various types of personalities. Not everything will fit in place like a puzzle, so varying issues will arise, and its up to the manager to adapt to situations. Having technical, human and conceptual skills can be seen as a necessity, because relating and understanding a person is a skill within itself. For some, developing technical, human and conceptual skills may be a lot harder as everyones personality varies. I found this reading intriguing because it gives me a direction on the types of areas that I can potentially work on in order for to better myself as a manager.  It also emphasises the idea that everyone is different, therefore we shouldn't judge a person or think differently to others because they have opposing opinions and values. Everyone experience life situations differently. 

Referring back to the past week, it has been quite good as always. Our team is working well together, and in order for me to apply my knowledge that I have gained from the readings to my group, I find can be difficult. Because we are all on the same level as one another and realising that we have a lot in common, therefore I think all of us have a certain degree of the three skills mentioned. Furthermore, results are not doing too bad, but always identifying rooms for improvement. Our results weren't the best in comparison to previous weeks, but we understood that the reason for this result is because we invested a lot on specific things in order to generate greater results in the next few roll overs. Im quite liking the suspense and curiosity of each weeks results because anything can happen. We potentially can gain unexpected positives or negatives, we never know. 

Katz, R. L. (1955). Skills of an effective administratorHarvard Business Review, 33(1), 33--42.


  1. HI Mellissa, I really enjoyed your journal for this week. I think in general, we are all getting the hang of writing using Daudelin's model for reflection so without pointing out the exact sentences to show it, I can see you have followed this model well and have also reached Bloom's highest level of Taxonomy. Your analysis of your group and the decisions influencing your shareholder value will no doubt keep you ahead in the game. Good luck for you summative journal, keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Mellissa(wink)  (didn't know we are both doing Marketing haha)

    Your learning journal showed a deep understanding of the readings. It was good to see the connection between the idea of manager skills and your team experiences.

    For some rooms for improvement , I reckon it would be great if you could explain more about the problem you have found and the solution you might come up with. For example, you said that you found that applying knowledge that you have gained from the readings to your group could be difficult because of ..., I think maybe testing possible hypothesis would be great to use.

    Overall, a good learning journal with a clear structure. Easy to read and follow. Good work and good luck for you and your team(wink)