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This week I found myself in a bit of a dilemma having to prioritise my workload alongside my ‘decisions’ for mikes bikes – having not made the weekly group meetings it had left short sided into what was expected of me for the rollover. After reading Argyris (1991) ‘Teaching smart people how to learn” I quickly found myself being a ‘single loop” learner on how I’ve dealt with this course thus far – given my arts background the workload or assignments for that matter are entirely different compared to business school courses. This is where I found Argyris (1991) example of the thermostat relevant having only acquired the academic credentials of an Arts discipline (Criminology) that I’m currently getting the grips of the business side of things, hence me being interpreted as a  thermostat switcher or ‘single loop’ learner.

Moving on later on the week ‘rollover’ day as head of Research and Development I was assigned to have the prime costs for our new products today. However, I had no idea personally on how to find this. I quickly jumped to conclusions as Argyris (1991) ‘explained having failed to learn from failure I became defensive’ when questioned from my peers in my group as to why I hadn’t produced the ‘prime costs’ on time. I started to put the blame anyone rather than myself (Single Loop). However, after taking a step back and reflecting on the problem I managed to build some sense on achieving the prime costs. Using Daudelin reflection third stage (Solution) I quickly skimmed through the mikes bikes manual to find the formula that is used to get the target ‘prime cost’ for new products.

Overall, this week I felt that if I disciplined myself more towards these new learning patterns. Hopefully I could become an effective ‘double loop learner’ instead of a thermostat switcher.



Daudelin, M. W. (1996). Learning from experience through reflectionOrganizational Dynamics, 24(3), 36–48

Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4--15



  1. Hi Motu,

    I found your reflection journal very  interesting because as your team mate it shows a different perspective. I think a major improvement you could make is being more specific. You have demonstrated you know the different concepts in the readings, however you need to show that you actually understand them, rather than just mentioning concepts, you need to explain them in detail e.g. You mention single loop learning and thermostat but instead you may want to elaborate on what these concepts are. This will help so that when it comes to writing your Summative report you can refer back to these concepts. You have applied the concepts to relevant life experiences but maybe you can improve by explaining how the theory and the life experiences you mentioned relate.

    Also I can see you have used the Daudelin reflection process but the last few stages needs more detail. Also you haven't really done the last stages of the Daudelin reflection stage, which is really limiting your learning process towards a more double loop learner.

  2. Hey Motu, 

    I completely sympathize with your issues here. You have stuck to the guidelines and recreated the past weeks experience succinctly. The issue with losing momentum and absenteeism is a crucial problem with our group but more than that, I think our group lacks the ability to speak up to more vocal people in the group. More than anything, the more vocal people feel supported through that but I also empathize if you are new to this form of experience as it is not easy. Your motivation to seek out a solution for prime cost shows you are capable and maybe just giving yourself more credit than you give yourself. 

    As for the guidelines, as I did not go into detail this week myself, I find it hypocritical of me to state the same for you but for the sake of the structure and summative review, the journal must be in more depth. If it can besides outlining the issue, also describe the barriers to such a problem. I hope we can discuss this more in group this week.