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As we begin wrapping up the course, and for me my semester abroad, I am once again learning the power of reflection. This week’s reading “How Will You Measure Your Life?” by Clayton M. Christensen talked about finding the purpose in your life. I am not sure this is the appropriate forum to discuss my reflections on what purpose I am finding in my life; however, I do believe it is completely appropriate to think about it in a much smaller scale as to how this course is really serving me in my studies and future endeavors. Obviously, this course is meant to teach you about management, how to manage the people and operations of a business, but there is so much more to it than that. From this paper I have learned about teamwork, about putting in the extra effort, and about many aspects of a business and the thought process of a professional. I reflect back on the last ten weeks and I understand why I have dedicated so much time to this course.

Christensen talks about putting time into things that will advance your life purpose and not things that are too short term. I have often been very shortsighted, I make decisions and do things to get from point A to point B with very little thought to how this can fit into the greater scheme of my intentions. I would say it is one of my biggest faults. This course is helping me to stop doing that. One of the biggest emphases through out the course was to have us reflect on all of our actions and what we learned each week by means of these very learning journals. I have really appreciated the thoughtfulness this has instilled in me. I can already see it having an effect on my decisions. For example, it has gotten me to dedicate more time than the bare minimum to this course because I can tell I am getting a lot of valuable skills from it.

Now that I have made this reflection it is important to think of what action this brings me to. I think my take away is definitely going to be to see how I can apply this thoughtfulness to more areas of my life. I have already seen how beneficial it can be for me based on how things have gone for me with this paper, so why not try and reflect on other areas of my life more often? It is bound to help me be a more considerate person with a larger outlook on life. I am sure Christensen would strongly agree with this decision, especially if it can help me find more of a purpose to my life.



CHRISTENSEN, C. M. (2010). How Will You Measure Your Life?. Harvard Business Review, 88(7/8), 46-51.


  1. Hi Jessica

    Great journal. I guess this journal is really reflecting on what you have learnt over this semester, not just in week10. I can see how valuable heaps of weekly reflection journals and simulation were for you! Even though I have no idea how many times I wondered whether or not we really need those weekly journals in this course, now that I can say these experiences will be able to be applied to our future really. 

    I don't know what your goal in your life is but at least could know this course positively benefited you, which is great. Yes, reflection on anything around you would make your life more interesting and result in more success I guess!

    As a final weekly journal, this is just fantastic. Hope your final rollover/summative journal will be done well (smile)

  2. Hi Jessica,

    Well done on the learning journal. You did a really good job at reflecting on the course as a whole, and summarizing the learning objectives and benefits you gained throughout the semester. I think taking the time to do this will be very helpful when completing the summative journal at the end of the course, and as the reader I found it useful also. I like that you went beyond what you learnt and also explained how you will use these skills in the future. I think this shows that you have a strong understanding of the fundamental point of the course.

    While the journal did not include much theory, I think this can be expected in the final journal of the semester, and I enjoyed the change in structure and writing style. Overall a very good journal, well done!