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From this week's classes, i have learnt how the cooperation of team members is going to vital in order to do well and I have also learnt the different factors that can affect the teams. This week we had to complete our C.V's and were faced with making tough decisions that would ultimately determine the type of team we would be put into. Because of this I had a bit of a dillemma when it came to some of the choices. In our Tuesday lecture, Peter emphasised the importance of goal alignment in our teams and that it would be one of the main factors that would determine the teams. My dilemma arose when I had to chose which type of team I wanted to be a part of. I had a thought of choosing 'fun loving' as I wanted to be in a team who I could get along with and we could have fun, however i was worried that this would result in a team who performed badly and I like to get good grades. I was tossing this option up with 'competitive (want to win)' goal as I wanted to be in a team who were focussed and were very keen to perform, however I saw the potential of being put in a team who were hard task masters and would want to spend hours and hours discussing decisions, hours that I simply don't have time for.

In the end, i wound up going for the competitive goal and right before thursdays class I was fretting about the choice I made. To my pleasant surprise, when I met my team they were nice and friendly people who I believe I will get along very well with. They have very similar goals to me and have similar ideas on how we should run things. One problem that came out of Thursday's class was the fact that two of our members weren't there. With us already only being a 5 person team, if it turns our that these two missing members are slackers who will not fully participate in the activity then i see a huge problem and quite a large challenge which faces our team for the semester. My abilities at MikesBikes were average to say the least and so I was hoping for a team who could all work well together to get the most out of each other. With the identity of the other two members still unknown, it leaves an uneasy feeling for me. From now all i can do is see how it plays out and hope that my team will follow in the footsteps of past successful performers. 


  1. Firstly, I completely agree with you in regards to picking a goal relating to the team you would be in - I had the same problem!  I think your journal this week is realistic and insightful.  I would mention incorporating the readings but in all honesty I don't feel like they would have added that much more to your work.  My piece of advice then would be to incorporate just a tad more reflection.  I feel that, especially in your second paragraph, your writing veers a bit more towards the factual side, and reads more as a recount of your day.  Perhaps instead you could have added a bit more regarding past experiences to add more depth, or if not at least mention where your ideas came from and why you feel that way.  This may sound confusing but what I mean is you could say "I'm worried about the other two members not turning up as previously I've learnt that this leads to.." or "I questioned the pros of cons of having a goal-oriented team and reflected on what was most important to me and realised..."  I recognise that you have done this to some extent, but perhaps push it a little further next time?  Otherwise, great piece of work.

  2. It's great that you've analysed your situation and your team formation however it would improve the depth of your journal greatly if you further on evaluates your current situation. Such as relate the current issue you are facing (e.g. absence of 2 members) to how it would affect your group specifically such as the problems that could/will arise and actions you could take now to lighten the problem. Through out your journal you have used the first few stages of Bloom's Taxonomy very thoroughly such as comprehension, application and analysis, it would greatly improve your learning journal if you further on synthesis and evaluates the situation.  

    Overall good job on the reflection.